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The seagulls-puzzle – The WoW-Community is desperately

The Community is again on a hot mystery track in World of Warcraft. We tell you what are the hints and secrets you’ve found so far.
With the Start of a new expansion, the developers have also implemented many smaller and bigger secrets in the Battle for Azeroth. The “Secret Finding”Community on the Discord Server researches day and night to find new secrets, jpg” alt=”” /> We will show you what they have found out for instructions so far, and what you’re working on.
The truffles of the Old gods
In the area Sturmsangtal players can find special truffles, if you use a special pig nose. This you have to loot from a treasure chest, but can be later purchased. One of these truffle, Violet truffle”, its Use-effect says:” Devours the darkness, in order to understand their secrets.””
The truffle granted when eating a Buff, its effect is not immediately visible, Players who have the Buff active, you can suddenly understand Shath’Yar – the language of the Old gods! Thus, the words, several servants of the Old gods loose to understand, such as some of the Face.
So far, all these Translations seem to be always displayed in English even in the German Version of World of Warcraft. A few extracts from these Translations are to be seen in this Video:

However, the truffles can be even more. Players can not only understand Shath’Yar, but also to talk! To do this, you need to change in the chat window, just the spoken language. As long as the Buff holds, Shath’Yar to select.
The mysterious seagulls of Kul Tiras
A few players have found while Exploring Kul Tiras is a strange collection of seagulls. You are sitting in a perfect circle on the coast and respond to the movements of the player. So they are always to the player or to imitate its movements. If the player jumps, start some of the gulls to jump.
In addition, you will respond to certain Emotes and movements. It is believed that you have to bring the gulls to move in a certain pattern, but so far, it is still unclear what pattern that is. Who wants to go to the seagulls even once, it should go in the Sturmsangtal and this place on the map go to:
Particularly creepy is that in the vicinity of the gulls, a new piece of music is played, and you would not hear otherwise in this environment, Whether all of this is just an Easter Egg without a big Benefit? The mystery Community is trying day and night to make something meaningful.
Mysterious caves on both Islands
On Zandalar and Kul Tiras, there is again a large amount of hidden caves and secret entrances. Many of the additions are overgrown with plants or something behind a waterfall hidden.
A this cave you can have a small piece to the North of Boralus to find, the entrance is located behind a waterfall.
A lot to see there in the cave, however, a small pond, a few scrolls and a lot of “nothing” so far.
Still, all these notes are linked only very loosely, and theories are still being worked out, But the search is running – it is only a matter of time until the secret finder find the first step in the puzzle to decode.
What the Community expects? The Grand prize of the riding animal, “The hive mind”, which is suspected by the Community at the end of a long series of Puzzles. Multiple players can connect to the mount seem to form a larger riding animal. How this looks in the end is not yet known.
More to the ThemaWoW: New Quests with Voljin – so you unlock them
Are you taking part actively in search of puzzles and hidden places? Or wait until the puzzles were solved and then works on the basis of a guide?

WoW Baa’l Guide: How to get Baa’l in Battle for Azeroth

WoW Baa'l Guide: How to get Baa'l in Battle for Azeroth

The first secret pet Baa’l in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, has been solved. We’ll tell you how this scary pet gets a goat from hell. Actually, the WoW community thought that a puzzle was in Battle for Azeroth on the trail, that leads to a new riding animal. But they were wrong. After days of search has now been decrypted the first riddle, the one with the secret Pet Baa’l was rewarded. We tell you step-by-step, how this creepy pet gets. Continue reading “WoW Baa’l Guide: How to get Baa’l in Battle for Azeroth”