Account Wide Reputation in WoW

In World of Warcraft displeases many players. You are of the opinion that the reputation for the whole account should apply. Longtime pursuits of the World of Warcraft with the account wide reputation.

With each new addon and most of the content patches there is a new reputation faction, the lure of rewards. Whether it is the powerful equipment, items, crafting recipes or the beautiful coat-of-arms are skirts. For each character.

But that is precisely the problem. Because for each character, you must also farm each character of the reputation. Anyone who plays more than a hero and his twinks unpacking that need to the reputation again and again farms.

Account Wide Reputation splits the WoW Community

A part of the community, therefore, calls for a long time: reputation should be account-wide, so for every character equally.

After all, the task is extremely repetitive, and other aspects of the game, such as honor, are also account-wide. Players are discouraged from new characters to try out, which limits the game.

Account Wide Reputation splits the WoW Community

However, there are also representatives of the other side, the application of some counter-arguments.

If account wide reputation would be tied to, could a player with multiple characters this faster farms. Who held three world quests on a character directly, nine world quests on three characters, faster is incredible.
Earned rewards will lose their value and exclusivity if any twink can buy anything.

Account-Wide Reputation in WoW

Also, the general progress. If a fresh character to level 120 can stock up immediately with the best reputation rewards, that would be a strong advantage.

Now we want to know your opinion! Should reputation in World of Warcraft to be account bound?

On our side, it would be anyway nice if you disabled this.
If you want to run your mind more, then uses the comments and explain what speaks for and what against the account-wide reputation.