New BfA Ship: Try out the new pirate ship and parrot pet of WoW

Matching BfA

Thematically the ship along with the parrot match the Battle for Azeroth like 2 boats. The God said in the description of the”flood of dread” could well be N’zoth. This may already be seen from Azshara’s Warbringer Video.

Note: if you will play WoW for another half a year, you may still procure a free Mount for 180 days of playing with time in leveling BfA. This is the” panic flooding”, a dreadful flying pirate ship with wings.

The playing time of the BfA can be unlimited, cause it is an exciting new WoW patch. The bundle costs $65.94 and includes 180 days of playing time and Mount.

The description of this vessel: The ship like any other, at the air with octopus-faced God.

Matching BfA - aiononline-powerleveling

A Pirate Parrot as Pet and new Ship in Battle for Azeroth

New Mount and Pet Blizzard have released in 2017 you may get along with a half year of playing time. Besides this newest Mount as the pirate ship, there’s a new pet, a parrot. A captain is holding a parrot as we used to see in the films.

A Pirate Parrot as Pet in Battle for Azeroth - aiononline-powerleveling

Captain cracker is also available, however, you should be the Champions of Battle for Azeroth and complete the corresponding Quest at Magni.

How do receive the items? It is Pirate Day in WoW! Visit Booty Bay and celebrate Pirate Day with Captain DeMeza by getting a pirate costume and drinking correctly Grog.

The new pet is a Pirate Parrot with knife buckle and pirate hat. You might even purchase the clean companion in the Blizzard Shop or in-Game Store.

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