Battle for Azeroth Dungeons with level +15

The first group has mastered in the new World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth in Dungeons, a mythical key-stone of the level to +15. The group consists of Mythical and Masters.

A group from Europe of the servers Kazzak and Draenor has managed as the first group worldwide in the BfA a keystone Dungeon with level +15. After not quite a week of the mythic keystone of the dungeons you have cleared the instance of Atal’dazar with just 40 seconds on the clock remaining.

First Mythic +15 level in Dungeons

The group, which has grabbed the “World First +15”, the Kjell’s Angels. They have already won the “Mythic Dungeon Invitational”, the eSports for mythical Dungeons in WoW.  What classes did you do it? The 5 players who have played the Dungeon, and have also played in the MDI.

First Mythic +15 level in Dungeons

So you are a well-established troop. Play in the compilation for BfA leveling:

  • Divine Field (Protection Paladin, Tank).
  • Chiranor (Mistweaver-Monk, Healer).
  • Ashine (deception rogue, DD).
  • Heksekjell (Affliction warlocks, DD).
  • Herudra (arms warrior, DD).

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What are Affixes?

What affixes you had to do it? Affixes are additional effects, the mythical key stone-Dungeons harder to make than regular mythical Dungeons. They act in addition to the effect that makes all of the opponents already stronger. In the Battle for Azeroth, there are some new affixes, which alternate in seasons. Atal’dazar+15 was made with these affixes:

  1. All Non-Boss monsters in the instance are strengthened.
  2. Bloody: slain enemies leave a blood puddle that heals monsters and players dealing damage if you are in yours.
  3. Necrotic: melee attacks produce necrotic wounds, the cause of damage and healing received reduced. Stackable.
  4. Infected (seasonal Affix): Some enemies are infected with the blood of G’huun. If they die, they leave broods of G’huun, which infect an enemy, if not killed.

What are Affixes

G’huun is an old God and the final boss of the Uldir raid. The current affixes require a lot of coordination, proper positioning of the group and the killed enemies and well-planned control effects, especially on the “infected” enemies.