BfA Leveling Guide: 120 Level For All Classes

One player has already proved his stamina in BfA leveling. Just one month after the start of the new Addons of World of Warcraft, all classes are on 120 level.

With the opening of the Raid Uldir on Mythic, most of the players are still in the process of their characters in World of Warcraft decently equip.

But many a player has different goals. The gamer has already leveled characters to level 120 – each available class. 10 of the 12 classes you can see in this picture. Of course, all of the Horde.

BfA Leveling Guide: 120 Level For All Classes

Top 5 tips for quick to level 120 – BfA Leveling

On the question of the other user, if he had some tips for quick BfA leveling, he replied quickly. So he recommended on the side of the Horde (where all of his characters), levels, mainly in Vol dun and Nazmir. There, the quests are close together and there are only a few long paths.

Usually, it is after the completion of the two areas is already at level 118 or 119, with a collection called a bit further.

In addition, he advised to continually have a stack of Goblin-glider, to quickly get to the mountains, and to bridge long distances, if they appeared.

Top 5 Tips for quick to level 120 - BfA Leveling

The easiest way to the BfA leveling for him, by the way, with the demon hunter. He had to pull a lot of enemies together and you could turn off alone, with the laser eye almost entirely.

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Community reacts are amused

The other players congratulated and showed otherwise, somewhat amused. So there are some comments with the following content:

Community reacts are amused

“Then I wish you now much fun when you call-farms – on all 12 characters”.
“To avoid the terrible endgame, if you arrive just never there. Brilliant idea.“

How many characters did you already have the maximum level of 120 arrive? You guys just concentrate on the main character, or you already have the Twink fever broke out?