Bfa Warfronts: find a data miner in WoW

Data miners have been busy and have read the new details from the game data of World of Warcraft. Three new war fronts are likely to come!

How to do Warfronts BfA

Currently, there are in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, just a war front, the battle of Stromgarde. But that will change in the course of the expansion.

Data miners have found references to three other war fronts! Because using Macro-command spits out World of Warcraft already been allusions to this war fronts.

Spoiler warning for WoW players

Those Who don’t want to know, what areas could soon be fought over or maybe the owner change, should not continue to read.
What are the war fronts were found? A total of three war fronts were found. The instructions are written from the Alliance.

Southern Barrens: “Attack the Southern Barrens, and break through the great gate of Mulgore!”
Silver moon: “Attacking the last Bastion of the Horde in the Eastern Kingdoms and to cleanse the country of this scum!”
Azshara: “Leads a massive naval attack on the home of Gallywix, Bilgewater will burn.“

Spoiler warning for WoW players

Finally a Rework for the Eversong woods? Especially the war front to the silver moon has a lot of Fans in excitement. For almost a decade, the players want that will help sang in the forest and silver moon, finally, to the current state-of-the-art technology. There you can fly around still, and many of the Quests still work after the “old” System.

Why are Warfronts just for Horde

The Horde loses a city? With the battle for the silver moon is also the danger that the Horde loses yet another capital. If this is the case, would the Horde in the Eastern Kingdoms, no major fixing. The fractions were then separated according to continents as far as possible.
Considering this information, please state that you are not yet confirmed and there is no guarantee. It would be possible that Blizzard single war discards fronts or these data are just unused Remnants. Also, it is strange that all the war fronts are only the attacks of the Alliance. Perhaps some of the fronts of the Horde is still missing.
You can look forward to more war fronts, which are also embedded in the Story? Or do you have after the battle of Stromgarde had enough of the Feature?