All the important info about the Release of WoW: the Battle for Azeroth

The seventh expansion for World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth starts! Have you ever done anything to to hit the ground running?
BfA comes to midnight live: The new WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth is a world at the same time live. In Germany this means: In the night of Monday, 13.08. on Thursday, 14.08. to point 0:00 (CEST), With our Countdown you can’t miss the Start.

Prepare yourselves properly on BfA
Battle for Azeroth is now 7. Expansion of the MMORPG giant World of Warcraft. So you don’t lose all of the new challenges of the Overview, we have for you once again all the news in the Overview.
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The Features of the Battle for Azeroth
With the Battle for Azeroth, you have access to many new Features in World of Warcraft, We have listed the most important ones for you here,
Allied Nations allied Nations are one of the core themes of the history of BfA. The groups fight for the support of new peoples, to help them in war against their enemies.
Some of the allied Nations are already known or even already playable. Others will come with the expansion. To be able to cast people to play, you must, however, meet a few other requirements, which differ for every people, and a short quest series to complete,

War mode: PvP-Realms have been abolished, Instead, you can enable it in Your capital, now the “war mode”, and comes in a Phase with other battle hungry players.
In war mode, your 10% earn more experience and rewards, and have access to your PvP talents in the open world. For this, you can be attacked at any time by the other faction.

The heart of Azeroth: The artifact necklace is the new centerpiece of Your armor. The heart of Azeroth is improved with the new Material Azerit, similar to the artifact weapons artifact in Legion.
Through the heart of Azeroth, your equipment can also new skills (“Traits”) that Your specialization to deliver further improvements.

Island expeditions: island expeditions traveled to your randomly generated Islands, where you need to as quickly as possible the resources for your faction to conquer. You help the war effort and to promote.
Are you playing in the expeditions against the other group, Your opponents are either controlled Bots (with improved AI in PvE) or real players (PvP).

War fronts: Important zones on Azeroth to be strategic points, A group keeps such a point, and the other besieged, to secure them for themselves.
The ruling group has access to special content, such as rare spawns and world bosses. War fronts open, however, only a few weeks after the Start of the Battle for Azeroth,

More of the Features experienced here: The 5 most important new features of the WoW: Battle for Azeroth
What you need to know before you Start
So that you can plunge without any obstacles in the battle for Azeroth, you should prepare properly in the first place, With our Guides and tips you are for everything, what could you expect, armed.

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Right on the BfA-Launch to prepare and get started
Of course, we have prepared some Guides for you, with which you use the time from the Launch of the new expansion Battle for Azeroth optimally – regardless of whether your last preparations have to meet or effectively in the first new Level, want to start.

Prepare yourself with this checklist of the ideal on the BfA-Launch
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Tips for new players
If you want to start with Battle for Azeroth with WoW, we have some helpful Guides for you to help you get started:

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And, already hot on the Battle for Azeroth? A log in time to log-in to bypass the queue. Directly to the home should show up in the game then a new Quest if you did the siege of Undercity already played.
Remember: Order point 0:00, tonight’s the night!

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is now live!

The seventh World of Warcraft expansion is live! The first player to the storms Kul Tiras and Zandalar.
The months of waiting are finally over. World of Warcraft has opened a new Chapter and the expansion “Battle for Azeroth” is now live, Punctually at 0 o’clock today, on 14. August 2018, which unlocks new Quests. This lead to the players of the Horde on the continent of Zandalar, while Alliance players leave for Kul Tiras.
Where do you go? The first Quest for Battle for Azeroth starts in Silithus, Here is their Magni bronze beard, the hands you first is at the heart of Azeroth meet in order for you to collect in the future Azerit and the amulet with the artifact power of food can.
The struggle for sea power. The primary goal of the Alliance and the Horde, the backup of a fleet, in order to secure on the high seas the Superiority against the other group. The Alliance must become friends with the inhabitants of Kul Tiras, while the Horde is trying to gain the Empire of the trolls for your own thing.
Later, the player will be able to visit the continent to the other group, the enemy’s efforts,
The new Quests and content are logically only available if the extension “Battle for Azeroth” also has.

If you still need your tips and Tricks for the perfect Start into the new Addon, Battle for Azeroth, then here we have some posts for you that your thirst for knowledge should satisfy:

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Please note that there may be a wait in the first hours and days, snakes and other small problems, like buggy Quests. Blizzard responds normally quite quickly and after a few hours, problems should be fixed. Bridged in the case of the time is by playing elsewhere.
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You are diligently working on the Gamble or you start on the next day, when the first rush is over?

Compared to before the Launch of WoW Battle for Azeroth was good

How to look at it: the Launch of the latest expansion of World of Warcraft was amazing to be error-free. Especially in comparison to previous disaster starts such as “The Burning Crusade” or “Warlords of Draenor”, believes Cortyn.
Since 0 a.m. on the 14, August 2018 is launched World of Warcraft in the seventh expansion for Battle for Azeroth. The Launch was a worldwide, simultaneous, appropriately enough, exactly at midnight.
And where other MMORPGs with Server collapse, mass struggle Disconnects or major glitches, World of Warcraft is brilliant. A better Launch in the history of the “great” MMORPGs, it should not have been given.
More to the ThemaWoW: All about the “Battle for Azeroth” in the Overview
To samples, six extensions of time. Of course, Blizzard didn’t get this Knowledge in your sleep, but six extensions of previously had time to rehearse the Launch of an add-on, is sufficient.
Brought a Disaster as the merciless Overload “The Burning Crusade”, or the huge Phasing issues, the Warlords of Draenor with the garrison, not to allow. After the successful launch of Legion of the Launch of the Battle for Azeroth is expected to have increased.
Small flaws there’s always. Completely without problems, it was not. Due to the gaming masses, there was little latency issues, and at least in war mode on RP-servers were in a strong delay with a latency of 500 or more is normal. The but quickly, after the players set off in different directions.
Some Realms had to make a reboot but the Downtime was only a few minutes.
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Rapid Hotfixes for problems. There were also errors in Quests. Particularly annoying is the fact that Some players were not with the “war card” to interact, which switches the main missions for the new areas, Blizzard just needed a few hours for a Fix and the players are employees, meanwhile, with the numerous side quests that were not dependent on it.
In summary, the Launch of the Battle for Azeroth is likely to outdo even the Start of Legion, in which some players quest, and your Access is not directly received. No matter from which point of view you look at it: A smooth Launch, the developers of World of Warcraft can host now
. And that is a rarity in the MMO area, to plan with hundreds of thousands of players at the same time, there is no Beta-Test help.
Last but not least the also led, that the first players had already arrived after less than 5 hours on the maximum level:
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As you have experienced the Launch of the Battle for Azeroth? Everything went well? Or did you have a minor problem?

WoW: these are the known errors and Bugs from Battle for Azeroth

At the Start of each expansion of World of Warcraft, there are some Bugs and errors. We’ll tell you what can run at the moment is wrong.
The Launch of the Battle for Azeroth, the seventh expansion of World of Warcraft, ran largely smoothly. Nevertheless, there are a number of errors, Bugs and other problems in the finished game and the heroes of Azeroth just for the fun Rob. We tell you what errors can currently occur in Battle for Azeroth.
More on the topic here, the WoW Launch Trailer is the “spark of war” for the Battle for Azeroth
List of known bugs from Battle for Azeroth
Please bear in mind, the following are errors, that only a part of the player seems to be affected.

A player cannot switch the ally Nations (space elves, light forged Draenei, night-born, and Hochberg-Tauren).
Some of the players on stage 120 are not able to lead their war campaign.
In some Quests, the Phasing does not work properly, so that the Mission can not be completed.
Some players have not received their heart of Azeroth after the completion of the Quest (it will usually be equipped automatically). In this case, only a Ticket with manual assistance helps until Blizzard has fixed the Problem.
Some players can choose in Boralus no Zone in the mission panel. Here Disable all Addons can help, but restarting the game has helped some,

All the errors mentioned are Blizzard already known and the developers are working on solutions that will be played over the course of the day via Hotfixes.

No error, but Changes
Many players also complain about some “errors” which are not, but simply Changes to:

The character Boost will not provide any “veteran bonus”, it means the increase of the main occupations. This became unnecessary, because professions are now divided into new categories.
There is no full-screen mode. Only window mode or full screen (the window).

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Silk is one of the affected by the error? Or you come so far, completely without Bugs by Kul Tiras and Zandalar?