Time for Account-Wide Reputation in WoW?

If it questions according to the wishes of our readers, then, the farms of reputation would be in World of Warcraft easier. Because on the account all chars have the same one.

We asked you whether reputation in the World of Warcraft account should be far, or whether it should count as in the past, per character. You were able to vote and have decided: reputation in World of Warcraft should apply for the whole account!
Proud 78% of voters are of the opinion that reputation in World of Warcraft should apply to all characters alike.

So, if the main character is fantastic in a group, should also the second and third can get the rewards benefit.

Time for Account-Wide Reputation in WoW
Only 22% believe that it should also continue to work as before. Each character must earn the reputation individually to get corresponding rewards.

Opinions about Reputation from the Community

The majority of a community seems to want out of the expansion “Mists of Pandaria” in BfA. Players were able to get after reaching a certain reputation level badge.

Opinions from the Community

This is also reflected in the comments, here are some examples:

Thomas Roskamp: “I would like to do it again to Pandaria. There you could buy for later leveling an Alt, for example, the “great commendation badge”. So all an Alt account have received far 100% more Championing.“
Bodicore: “I think you should play the Twinks. Therefore, I am rather sure that you can get per World Quest instead of 75 reputations 200 reputations.“
Jabba: “If, however, there is no reason for me to play an Alt if you reach the call automatically, and its char with reputation rewards fully equip. The appeal to Twinken would be gone.