WoW: Alliance and horde Story-line Battle for Azeroth

Draw  first conclusion to the Story of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. And since the Alliance wins.

And as hard as it is to me, I need to say: The Alliance performs in terms of Story better.
As it is the Story of both factions, there are of course some small spoilers. You have been warned.

Two different conflicts: Alliance and Horde

Two stories are, for the parties: In the Battle for Azeroth’t be told for a long time, for the first Time, but two stories – one for Alliance and one for Horde. Both factions try to gain the trust of a new party. The Horde wants the support of the Zandalari, and the Alliance wants to know Kul Tiras back into their ranks.
At first glance, cool, and equal – but it is not.

Jaina Proudmoore story

The story about Jaina Proudmoore with the emotional Finale is storytelling on a whole other Level than anything that gets to see the Horde so far.
Horde and the Alliance will change fundamentally
The old Jaina against the new Talanji.

Zandalar campaign


No loyalty for the Horde: Bwonsamdi, Talanji and Rastakhan on the side of the Horde are all pretty cool characters. But it’s the emotional bond and the many years of character-building, for example, has a Jaina already missing. As a result, the whole Story of the Horde feels more like an action movie that only relies on bombastic Special Effects.
Little development in the case of the Zandalari: It’s cool and exciting to watch, but unsatisfied.

The Horde has in the Zandalar campaign simply no character that has a similar scope as Jaina. It is likeable that you root missing plain and simple.
Jaina, however, has Warcraft 20 years-Lore on the hump, is a character I’ve known for a long time, and I am pleased. A worthy counterpart would have been Sylvanas that has a similar popularity – but would not be suitable for a dramatic “mother-daughter Story.”

WoW: Jaina and her mother

Alone in the Cinematic, Jaina and her mother play a large role, is more Emotion than in all the Quests of the Horde. This is not the Story of the Horde “bad”, but just not as important as the Alliance, since it triggers no emotions in the player.

The Alliance questline

The Alliance wins the Story-trophy – for the time being
Unknown Story developments possible: however, One must keep in mind that some of the Quest lines have not yet been unlocked. A few missions are tied to reputation requirements, such as in the war campaign, The Alliance questline It would be quite possible that Blizzard conjures here are a few secrets out of the hat.
In my basic opinion for the most part, the “Level of Content” is going to change that but probably nothing more. Here is the Alliance simply has the more emotional, better story,The Horde may have won with the destruction of Teldrassil and the end of the battle of the under city though the first steps of the war, the story is lagging behind technically but clearly, Jaina bfa
Basically, I have to say that to me the principle of a different Story-like. It is a beautiful experience, and experience on the part of the Horde of other action on the part of the Alliance – even if you play emotionally on different levels.
More to the Theme, the Story of World of Warcraft up to today – all the Lore combined
Nevertheless, The history of the Horde is not bad,It is just not as good as the Alliance.
How did you like the Story of the Battle for Azeroth?