WoW Allied Races Requirements in BfA

The allied races are one of the great features in Battle for Azeroth. And yet they are designed very strangely. With World of Warcraft: BfA, there were some new features that are available now.

In addition to island expeditions and warfronts, especially the new allied races were promoted. Exactly but a game technical contradiction was that’s why many fans are on the nerves.

BfA system revealed

It was already a “drought” to do in the player hardly anything. Since the system came right on, with the switch on new races and then was able to levels. Players were able to get empty elves, high mounts, light forged Draenei. Now in the new addon Battle for Azeroth starts.

However, dark iron dwarves and Orcs of the Mag’har are different. They appear at the start of a new expansion, and therefore at the worst possible time. For now, the majority of the players want to prepare for the first “season” of BfA. After all, the characters were equipped and prepared with first raid Uldir.

BfA system revealed

Reaction from WoW community

The absurd situation is that you have to first rush to the main character through all the new content at the end of several weeks of farm work to unlock a new character. This one is leveling up, also rushed to level 20, just to repeat the whole new Content to level 110.
Who has to play a “new” main character as allied people, is hopelessly overwhelmed, if he doesn’t want to indulge in the Raid Content a few weeks.

I welcome more diversity in World of Warcraft, and the new species, there is more variety. But the publication of the allied races at the start of an extension coupled to a high level – makes no sense. It creates stress and frustration.
What is your opinion of the Allied races, which is the best one?