Auction House Updates in Battle for Azeroth

The auction house of World of Warcraft is getting to update. Players will soon offer the whole stack of items and not individual units.

Who wants to look in the auction house of World of Warcraft, and large quantities of craft materials to buy, which can set on a long “adventure”. Many players place their materials in the stack but are in the individual units to the auction house. However, Blizzard intends to do now, and incentives to create items in the stack.

A higher deposit per stack

A higher deposit per stack

Blizzard’s solution is that the deposit costs to increase in the auction house, namely, on 20% of the sale price of a single unit. This would increase the collateral costs for individual units of solid.

As a small example:

If a player wants to sell a stack of 200 spray them linen at a price of 10 Gold (2000 Gold for the whole stack), he pays 2 Gold additional deposit (i.e. 20% of 10 Gold for a single unit).
A player wants to sell 200 stacks, each with a spray them linen for 10 Gold, he pays to each individual stack of 2 Gold additional deposit. In the case of 200 auctions, the 400 Gold would be in addition.

What does Blizzard expect of it

In both cases, the Gold will be paid back, if the auctions are successful – after all, it is only the deposit.

What does Blizzard expect of it?

The developers hope to encourage players, thus, more large stacks to offer, and to not flood the auction house with “1-Item-Stack”. To ensure more clarity and less frustration for buyers in the auction house.

A long-term solution is yet to come: Blizzard is aware that these measures will only represent a short-term solution. A large part of the player uses add-ons to operate the auction house because the Standard Interface of Blizzard is insufficient. In the coming months, a major Revision is to bring the auction house to the current state-of-the-art technology. A fixed date for this, but there are still.

What do you think of these changes? A good idea to counter the many 1 item-offers? Or a move in the wrong direction?