WoW Trading Azerite Armor Traits and Artifact Knowledge

Group of players was happy. Because in World of Warcraft you can act your Azerite armor to each other. With the Battle for Azeroth, there are so-called Azerite armor in World of Warcraft. There are certain items for breast, the shoulder and head, in which special talents can be unlocked. So far, you couldn’t trade this item with each other, but that will change. Now, you can trade armor with other players!

Trading Azerite Armor

Developer Q&A, Ion Hazzikostas announced that the reset will allow players to trade Azerite Armor, which will follow the same rules as other pieces of gear. In addition, he announced that in August was likely to be the start of the Artifact Knowledge system.

Only group members can act. It is the rest of the conditions for the actions of the soul bound equipment apply, of course. You can also give armor only to players who were at the kill of each boss is also present. Also, the time window of two hours for trade remains the same. So Azerite armor was treated, like any other Boss loot.
Trading Azerite Armor

Artifact Knowledge

Artifact Knowledge will return starting this upcoming Weekly Reset with Artifact Knowledge increasing globally for all Characters every week. Similar to Legion, each level of Artifact Knowledge increases the speed at which you level the Heart of Azeroth by 30%. However, Legion increased the amount of AP you received by 30%, whereas in Battle for Azeroth, the amount of AP required to level up the Heart of Azeroth is reduced, to avoid big numbers.