WoW New Bard Class in Battle for Azeroth

We spoke with some of the developers of WoW. What they think about a possible bard class, we found in the interview.

Interview with Michael Bybee

We had the opportunity to speak with some employees from Blizzard about World of Warcraft. In our Interview with Michael Bybee, a Senior Game Producer, we talked about classes, which could get WoW in the future, maybe.

Interview with Michael Bybee

We asked the question: “Which of this traditional RPG would be the best classes in WoW: necromancer, berserker or bard?”

“When you think about the Berserker, then this is something that is well-represented in fury warriors. Also the necromancer – there’s a lot of small pieces that are in the death knight or the warlock. These two are so well represented.”

This also corresponds to Blizzard’s statements from the past, that a necromancer would probably be different significantly enough from warlocks and death knights. Check out more about Bfa leveling guide for all classes.

Thereafter, Bybee was more on the bards:
“From what you mentioned, the bard is probably the closest thing World of Warcraft has not yet. So we plan to just definitely not and are not talking yet ready for a new character class. But just for the fun of it: I think a bard would add to the game a lot of character.”

New classes as new bags in WoW

But a new class would always bring problems. As the Lead Environment Artist Ely Cannon to bear in mind:
“We just got a big revamp of all the classes behind us. In the case of something, you have to consider the balance. ”

New classes as new bags in WoW

What would you make of it, to be able to at some point as a bard in battle and to strengthen the players with healing or fire the songs? Or as you would a bard class in World of Warcraft design?