All the important info about the Release of WoW: the Battle for Azeroth

The seventh expansion for World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth starts! Have you ever done anything to to hit the ground running?
BfA comes to midnight live: The new WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth is a world at the same time live. In Germany this means: In the night of Monday, 13.08. on Thursday, 14.08. to point 0:00 (CEST), With our Countdown you can’t miss the Start.

Prepare yourselves properly on BfA
Battle for Azeroth is now 7. Expansion of the MMORPG giant World of Warcraft. So you don’t lose all of the new challenges of the Overview, we have for you once again all the news in the Overview.
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The Features of the Battle for Azeroth
With the Battle for Azeroth, you have access to many new Features in World of Warcraft, We have listed the most important ones for you here,
Allied Nations allied Nations are one of the core themes of the history of BfA. The groups fight for the support of new peoples, to help them in war against their enemies.
Some of the allied Nations are already known or even already playable. Others will come with the expansion. To be able to cast people to play, you must, however, meet a few other requirements, which differ for every people, and a short quest series to complete,

War mode: PvP-Realms have been abolished, Instead, you can enable it in Your capital, now the “war mode”, and comes in a Phase with other battle hungry players.
In war mode, your 10% earn more experience and rewards, and have access to your PvP talents in the open world. For this, you can be attacked at any time by the other faction.

The heart of Azeroth: The artifact necklace is the new centerpiece of Your armor. The heart of Azeroth is improved with the new Material Azerit, similar to the artifact weapons artifact in Legion.
Through the heart of Azeroth, your equipment can also new skills (“Traits”) that Your specialization to deliver further improvements.

Island expeditions: island expeditions traveled to your randomly generated Islands, where you need to as quickly as possible the resources for your faction to conquer. You help the war effort and to promote.
Are you playing in the expeditions against the other group, Your opponents are either controlled Bots (with improved AI in PvE) or real players (PvP).

War fronts: Important zones on Azeroth to be strategic points, A group keeps such a point, and the other besieged, to secure them for themselves.
The ruling group has access to special content, such as rare spawns and world bosses. War fronts open, however, only a few weeks after the Start of the Battle for Azeroth,

More of the Features experienced here: The 5 most important new features of the WoW: Battle for Azeroth
What you need to know before you Start
So that you can plunge without any obstacles in the battle for Azeroth, you should prepare properly in the first place, With our Guides and tips you are for everything, what could you expect, armed.

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Right on the BfA-Launch to prepare and get started
Of course, we have prepared some Guides for you, with which you use the time from the Launch of the new expansion Battle for Azeroth optimally โ€“ regardless of whether your last preparations have to meet or effectively in the first new Level, want to start.

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Tips for new players
If you want to start with Battle for Azeroth with WoW, we have some helpful Guides for you to help you get started:

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And, already hot on the Battle for Azeroth? A log in time to log-in to bypass the queue. Directly to the home should show up in the game then a new Quest if you did the siege of Undercity already played.
Remember: Order point 0:00, tonight’s the night!