WoW: Battle for Azeroth – Guide for Beginners

A new entry like next wow expansion in the world famous game is extremely expected though not easy these days since the game has become very extensive over the past years. We are here to show you the most important and significant changes to the launch of Battle for Azeroth.

It will help you not to feel overwhelmed in case you just start your game or if you come back to your personage after the Lion expansion. We have collected the most important changes and innovations available in WoW Battle for Azeroth. If you want to join this new episode and complete the mission, do not fail to create a character.

New in BFA WoW        

There are several changes in comparison with the previous World of Warcraft expansions. They are installation, character creation, and add-ons.  

Character creation has not changed much over the years. The same is for new WoW expansion though now you can, for instance, create upright orcs or some other creatures. In the current expansion, you can get acquainted and choose the Allied Peoples, which means you can select in Character Creation. This is a new race with their own home on a new continent which is also new in the game.

World of Warcraft is a game that is popular for a few years now. In addition, the game is always kept up to date. We knew it before as Curse client, but it was adopted by Twitch.

WoW Add-ons  

The question of addons is not raised anymore because everybody realized how helpful they can be. In WoW BFA you will find a huge list of addons available for you. They are made as a real help for you in reaching the certain level for your personage. Addons play their role in upgrading the hero, his success in missions, warcraft armory, even the interface of the game in order to make it easier for viewing.

PvP & PvE in BfA

If you are not a fan of PvP mode in the game then be calm:  in the new WoW expansion there are no PvP servers at all. You have other options and the choice of servers is not a question anymore.

Several months ago  Blizzard linked servers together which means there should not be any “dead” servers left. Along with BFA class changes the servers have changed as well. There are only server types PvE and PvE-RP.

For those who want to run PvP, simply activate the so-called was mode in the game. When it’s on, you will be paired with other players who have activated the mode. Choose the one of the realm selection so the load of the server.We’ve gathered some interesting servers in BFA WoW, both for Horde and Alliance players. Check it! The servers for PvE Horde players include:     BlackRock

  Black hand



The servers for PvE Alliance players are the following:



AegwynnThere is also a server with balanced faction ratio that is called Blackmoore.

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