Compared to before the Launch of WoW Battle for Azeroth was good

How to look at it: the Launch of the latest expansion of World of Warcraft was amazing to be error-free. Especially in comparison to previous disaster starts such as “The Burning Crusade” or “Warlords of Draenor”, believes Cortyn.
Since 0 a.m. on the 14, August 2018 is launched World of Warcraft in the seventh expansion for Battle for Azeroth. The Launch was a worldwide, simultaneous, appropriately enough, exactly at midnight.
And where other MMORPGs with Server collapse, mass struggle Disconnects or major glitches, World of Warcraft is brilliant. A better Launch in the history of the “great” MMORPGs, it should not have been given.
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To samples, six extensions of time. Of course, Blizzard didn’t get this Knowledge in your sleep, but six extensions of previously had time to rehearse the Launch of an add-on, is sufficient.
Brought a Disaster as the merciless Overload “The Burning Crusade”, or the huge Phasing issues, the Warlords of Draenor with the garrison, not to allow. After the successful launch of Legion of the Launch of the Battle for Azeroth is expected to have increased.
Small flaws there’s always. Completely without problems, it was not. Due to the gaming masses, there was little latency issues, and at least in war mode on RP-servers were in a strong delay with a latency of 500 or more is normal. The but quickly, after the players set off in different directions.
Some Realms had to make a reboot but the Downtime was only a few minutes.
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Rapid Hotfixes for problems. There were also errors in Quests. Particularly annoying is the fact that Some players were not with the “war card” to interact, which switches the main missions for the new areas, Blizzard just needed a few hours for a Fix and the players are employees, meanwhile, with the numerous side quests that were not dependent on it.
In summary, the Launch of the Battle for Azeroth is likely to outdo even the Start of Legion, in which some players quest, and your Access is not directly received. No matter from which point of view you look at it: A smooth Launch, the developers of World of Warcraft can host now
. And that is a rarity in the MMO area, to plan with hundreds of thousands of players at the same time, there is no Beta-Test help.
Last but not least the also led, that the first players had already arrived after less than 5 hours on the maximum level:
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As you have experienced the Launch of the Battle for Azeroth? Everything went well? Or did you have a minor problem?