BfA Ranked PvP Rewards in World of Warcraft

In rated PvP, World of Warcraft, there is to get hold of many rewards. We will tell, what power you have to provide and what equipment.
In World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, trouble is after a few start-ups finally, the first ranked season.

Many players are already working to earn their 345er-weapon of conquest points, but there are other sources for strong rewards: the rated PvP.

What generates PvP?

Ranked Matches in World of Warcraft, there are arena battles and battlefields. For both modes, respectively, and a separate group is needed, to connect.

Usually a few groups for rated battle in the group finder fields.
Partner for the arena one is looking for is usually (and traditionally) in the trade channel, or grab a couple of good friends, and also arenas are in need of coordination.

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What generates PvP

What are the rewards in BfA?

Depending on the performance of the player receives a ranking, which decides directly on the received rewards. Depending on the rank you have with the completion of a ranked activity (arena, a field of battle) a chance to get to the end of the match.

At the end of each week, if you have participated in rated PvP activities, there is also a special box that you can pick up from the PvP camp in Boralus or Dazar’alor to the beginning of a new week.

A small example: If you have after winning a rated battleground with a rating of 1750 (challenger), could get her at the end of the match an item with item level 360. In the reward box at the Start of the next week, you are guaranteed an item that has a minimum item level of 370.

What are the rewards in BfA

Bear in mind that the armor from the weekly box can also be upgraded, and then “war forges” is what increases the item level. PvP is for all the Interested parties with a rewarding Alternative to PvE to really good equipment.
Cosmetic Items for strong performance
If you do not care only for pure values, but also visually convincing, should also work on a high rating, because the only way players turn the “Elite”- a free appearance of the season. In the stands, there are these additional, cosmetic rewards.
PvP Item Levels
Rival: Elite appearance for the helmet, shoulders and chest.
Duelist: Elite-look for the Cape and an exclusive enchant Weapon (Transmog).
Gladiator: Elite-look for the tabard and the Gladiator mount (50 Victories).

You will try you with a Battle for Azeroth time on PvP? Or do you want to you prefer in the “Mythical+” Dungeons and difficult raids?