The Endgame of WoW: Battle for Azeroth feels very different

In the Battle for Azeroth, the Endgame begins with the most Content at level 120. After about 13 hours in the new WoW expansion, I have reached the new max level. A lot has changed, not necessarily, but it feels very different to Legion.

After I used for the first 5 levels in the new area almost 8 hours, the Rest went to the port quite quickly – presumably because the waiting times were shorter, and I’m not so tired,

I’m now level 120 – and nothing is different than when Leveling up
Level 120 I have achieved with my first character in the Sturmsangtal in any Quest. It is the success on exploded and that was that. No letter, no new Quest, the creeps in my quest log,
From extensions previously, I was used to that with me right now, the leaders of the political groups in order to send the hero somewhere on the next Mission – or me, as then Rhonin a letter to send with a couple of nice Gadgets.
But in the Battle for Azeroth, I’m no longer the Hero – I’m a Nobody, unimportant. The initial bland flavor of the event-free level of ascension, the more “is simply” one that has dissipated quite soon. Actually quite nice if not everyone constantly wants something from me,
No message from Jaina – but it also has other things to Worry about.
What do I do now?
Due to the lack of orders from Anduin or Magni, I was lost that’s why only something. What to do? Somehow the objectives fail me. It took a while until I’ve unlocked the world quests and the war campaign continued.
More on the topic of finally Level 120 – there is in the Endgame of WoW: Battle for Azeroth
After a short orientation, I found the thread again – especially thanks to the war campaign, jpg” alt=”” /> However, since this is tied up quite quickly to a Rufvoraussetzung, we need Alternatives.
At this table the war launches campaign of the Alliance.
The Content to explore
What I was happy most of the time the Levels were the Dungeons, The Design of the new instances is top-notch: A whole pirate town in the free port, a haunted witch’s house in the kronsteig property, and a prison such as Alcatraz in Tol Dagor.
The Story and the presentation of the Battle for Azeroth to beat me so on 120 and with 120 I as an Alliance player also, finally, access to the instances of the Horde.
My next goal is to Achieve item level 305 – for the heroic Dungeons was because of that. With world quests, professions and a couple of normal Dungeons that was done within two days.
More to the ThemaSo your world turns quests in WoW: the Battle for Azeroth free

Dungeons – Grind without the boredom: Well, if with “only” 8 Dungeons, the selection is relatively small, to make you again and again fun. Especially on higher difficulties, such as the mythic you are challenging, and the Interaction with the group is fun.
The opportunity to improve myself for the beginning with pretty much everything. The equipment is still so weak that almost everything you appreciate. It feels good to finally go back through the Dungeons, and to make this progress.

Island expeditions – the flip side: Quite different it looked with the island expeditions for me. The island expeditions promised in their presentation, to be a good source for Artifact. And my heart of Azeroth desperately needs more Power.
The expeditions, however, very little artifact of power – a few 100 units per pass, and once 2500 per week. Alone for stage 14 of the chain that I am currently using 8000 Power, and my gear requires level 26 to be fully extended. A bit tiring.
Cortyn, incidentally, is another point of view: she finds the island expeditions in WoW super.

PvP, running better than in a circle: Because some of the content to hide behind the “time gates”, especially in the Form of reputation in the war of political groups, I have a lot of time to explore the rest of the Content.
What I personally like to Battle for Azeroth with the most is the new PvP. The war mode is one of the best innovations I’ve seen in my 11 years, WoW. Instead of running in the capital in a circle (which was apparently in the Legion is very popular), it draws me more into the open world.
For more on the Subject of war mode in WoW, the PvP is replaced Server – And that’s good!
In the PvP continent, there are even Quests that promote the open PvP in certain areas. The Quest coincides, apparently, with the factions, so PvP Enthusiasts meet there and can beat.
In the process, I get both a feeling for the PvP (I’m going to make the ranked season for sure), as well as honor and from time to time a little Gold or resources, The Guild of duelists, even invites to make in the capital, a quick 1-2 duels before you log out.

How is the Endgame in the Battle for Azeroth?
The Start of the Endgame in the Battle for Azeroth felt less spectacular than in Legion. It just doesn’t happen much at once. The feeling that the Content will persist for a while, it is distinctly present. It will be exciting and interesting.
I find something new every day, I can do that or wants to. If I have no desire to me with a reputation for stock and campaign to further promote, I’m going with a group through Dungeons or go to beat me.

Only the Grind is, in my view, even worse than I feared. To collect Azerit is at the Moment a very long, and it is simply frustrating, armor, 3 or 4 of the properties are grayed out and in the near time.
Azerit locks, four equipment Slots behind a lock: neck, head, shoulders and chest. In order to be in the 4 Slots well-equipped, I need to upgrade exactly the Item constantly. This is harder than Legion – especially since at the Moment a path is missing, really effective Azerit to farms for people who want to invest a lot of time for much progress.
Generally, I see positive in the future, especially as the demands on the Azerit to be reduced, and with better equipment, the trails, Azerit are to farm easier. In addition, a campaign is still waiting to be finished.

Makes you like your own picture! So you can get fast from level 110 to 120 in the Battle for Azeroth.