Battle for Azeroth had a similar bugs such Legion

BfA bugs and feedback

A lot of players criticize the number of errors in the current Addon of World of Warcraft. The Game Director tried to describe BfA bugs in perspective. He refers to the many errors in the Legion.

Even if the launch of the Battle for Azeroth is virtually perfect, current Addon will not such this one by far. Especially in the forums players complaint about problems that piling up, whether small or large. Blizzard is quite fast to fix the error. But for the majority of players, it shouldn’t have even come this far.

Ion Hazzikostas, the Game Director of WoW, referred about bugs.
What Hazzikostas said? In the AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) Hazzikostas answered some questions. The condition of the many errors he ventured a comparison with Legion:
“There have been over 30,000 BfA bugs entered and tracked over the course of BfA’s alpha, beta, and release.

BfA bugs and feedback - aiononline-powerleveling

95% of those have been fixed, with most of the open issues being ones that were reported recently and are either being worked on or will be resolved in our next major patch. Legion had very similar numbers, for reference.“

Low reproducibility of the error

For example, an NPC X with a quest. You have only the data from two or three players (in the Beta), then you can not understand the problem.

Low reproducibility of the error - aiononline-powerleveling

Then such errors are checked only once with “Not reproducible”, while the developers are working on the other errors. Not only BfA bugs.
Later, in the Live Version, are not only a few players affected but several thousand. This results in more data, and such errors can be easily fixed if there is more info on this. Why is the outcry this time?
If the errors were so numerous, the question arises, why this time such a big outcry in the community. This could have several reasons.

Errors are noticeable

The most significant difference is likely to lie in the mistakes of this time in their conspicuousness. While in the Legion, mainly small bugs related only to a minority of players. The effects are noticeable because of larger masses that are affected by the mistakes of this time.

Errors are noticeable - aiononline-powerleveling

Dissatisfaction as a catalyst

Another factor is probably the fact that there are not many players with the mechanics in the Battle for Azeroth satisfied. The farm’s reputation Grind of artifact power and the properties of the Azerit armor bump. This increases the irritability of the player, and thus the perception of game errors.
It is clear that there will be a completely bug-free game such the size of World of Warcraft, probably never.

However, the question is why the Launch cannot be put in order? Maybe it has to prefer testing one or two months?