World of Warcraft Gold Farming: Too much gold?

The value of Gold in World of Warcraft is too low. Players will meet this inflation hard in Battle for Azeroth. The U.S. side indicates a current problem in World of Warcraft.

There’s always more gold in the game. The current value of Gold drops. That could mean big trouble in the future, to deal with WoW and the players will have. There is this problem now with WoW: Battle for Azeroth, but it is acute.

WoW gold is too cheap

WoW gold is too cheap

The economy of World of Warcraft is struggling at the moment, that gold is worth less and less. Some players will be happy at the moment because you can amass larger quantities of gold and the relatively little work in the game. The long-term, however, has consequences.

Crafting is not worth

By the crafting system in the Battle for Azeroth collecting reagents is much slower. Players deal with at the Moment, more about their characters equip than farming herbs and ores. There is currently little incentive for players to collect reagents. Although the price of crafting materials is quite high, a WoW brand so much gold that the player can save, depending on the server – with the purchase of a brand several hours of work.

The WoW brand is for purchase using real money, and then against the “Gold” in WoW trade. The price of the brand fluctuates with the years, you got tends to be about the brand but more and more gold per euro.

Crafting is not worth

For players who have no interest in Gold and farms in WoW, become the WoW brand a means to that part of the game, to completely hide. If you need gold, you can buy from Blizzard for a WoW-brand for Euro and sell the brand in the game for WoW Gold.

A small group has a lot of gold

The few people, the farms, reagents, and other things by hand sell their loot, usually without greater economic knowledge in the auction house.
These resources are often bought by dealers, so of players who play WoW as an economic simulation.
This auction house-merchants make up only a small group of players, the hoards, however, large quantities of Gold. You can buy items and sell them again – which narrows the market because fewer dealers offer goods.

What is the problem?

In short: it is no longer worthwhile for players to farm items if you can be cheaper to buy Gold for money. The market has a lot of Gold, but only a few traders that offer their Items at exorbitant prices, because they control the market.

In addition, gold is an infinite resource in World of Warcraft. Dealer, the gray items can be sold, or missions that reward players with Gold, to generate more and more gold out of nothing.