WoW Level Guide: As you come into BfA quickly from level 110 to 120

With the new expansion of World of Warcraft there is also a new max level. Our Level Guide for Battle for Azeroth provides you with everything you need to know to quickly on the 120 ascend.
In the Battle for Azeroth, most of the Content runs until level 120: world quests, heroic and mythic Dungeons, and, later, Raids, and warfronts. The best way to quickly reach the maximum level, is complete at the Moment, the classic Quests.
With our tips and Tricks in the Guide you’ll know how best to proceed in the Levels.
InhaltWoW: level 110-120 Level Guide for the BfA in English level-Guide for fast overview of the preparation of the war mode: More experience by PvPLevel Guide: The areas of 110 to 120Stufe 110 to 120 in the DetailDie war campaign – a prerequisite for world quest tips and Tricks

WoW: level 110-120 Level Guide for the BfA in English
The level-Phase in the Battle for Azeroth is comprised of two separate strands, both of which should be completed: the pure quests and the war campaign. The war campaign is prepared for some of the Features of the extension, and will introduce you to the world of quests.

You must reach level 110?

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In our Guide we try to give you the path that brings you as quickly as possible to level 120 and at the same time on the Endgame-Content is prepared – so you have to catch up to level 120 and less work.

Level-Guide For Fast Overview
If you want to get a head start, and only a small guide with important vertices need, we have listed here are the major waypoints for you.
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Step 110: the siege of the city to complete “heart of Azeroth” and Zandalar/Kul Tiras sailing
Level 110: Quests done in Drustvar (Alliance)/Vol’dun (Horde)
Level 113: First build an Outpost for the war campaign in Vol dun (Alliance)/Drustvar (Horde). Then Quests to do in Tiragardesund (Alliance)/Zuldazar (Horde).
Step 116: the Second build outposts in Zuldazar (Alliance)/Tiragardesund (Horde) and the introduction to the island of expeditions to complete. Quests in the old area to do quests, then in the Sturmsangtal (Alliance)/in Nazmir (Horde).
Step 118: the Last Outpost building and Quests for the achievements “Kul Tourist” (Alliance)/”Zandalar forever!” (Horde).
Step 120: If necessary, the groups for world quests in the “friendly” and “Kul Tourist”/”Zandalar forever!”,

In the new territories in the most effective levels, you should prepare yourself in advance. With the right conditions, saves your valuable time and makes you life a little easier.
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The pockets and the Bank empties: to not have To constantly return to the capital, you should have at least 60 bag slots free. So you can collect for a while diligently for Loot to race without constantly to the dealer. The Bank should be primarily for materials.
Glider benefits: In many areas of Kul Tiras and Zandalar Goblin are skid useful. Worried you prior to the Start of 20-40 pieces, and uses them to advance faster.
War mode: The war mode gives you 10% more experience and needs to be enabled in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. To the war mode, you read the separate section.
Potions, and more: leveraging what you have in vials, Potions, runes and Buff Food! When Leveling up you do more damage and are faster. Especially bear Tartar can you use, since it increases your movement speed after a kill,
The correct Mounts: Equips you with selling Mounts like the tundra mammoth traveler and water from schreitern. Both save you in the Levelpahase way and time, Alternatively, you can stock up you with Potions of water walking.

Note: water Strider require a lot of reputation with the anglers in Mists of Pandaria! If you don’t have that reputation anyway, it is a time to farms, in comparison to the Savings not worth it!

The war mode: More experience through PvP
If you activate war mode, you’ll gain more experience and better rewards (at level 120). For this, you will be placed in a different Phase with other people in the war mode, and you can attack players of the opposing faction.
You have additional access to special PvP talents that also work in the quest. Look at your PvP talents carefully, and selects those, the Phase will appear to you for the Level-useful.
In war mode, air-ship, the war that yields loot also appears in certain intervals. War boxes, which can occupy a group for themselves are prey. Here are your useful resources and equipment.

To the war mode:

So you’ll be able to PvP in WoW: Battle for Azeroth leveling faster
In WoW: battle for Azeroth leveling on RP servers especially quickly

Respects, however, the fact that you the player can see in Your Phase! If your leveling up as a group, do not have to activate all of the players in war mode, or disabled as you see you otherwise.
We recommend to use the war mode is just the beginning of it is rather rare on the opponent, and the Benefit is very large. If it is too risky, switches the mode before the trip to the new world. The levels of the path remains the same, it merely takes longer.
The Discarded Spoils Of War.
Level Guide: The areas of 110 to 120
As quickly as possible to level 120 ascend, it is important to choose the right Route. It is particularly important in the area where you begin:

For the Alliance, we recommend using Drustvar start. The path then is not as crucial as the first choice, however, we recommend Tiragardesund, then the Sturmsangtal.
For the Horde, we recommend starting with Vol’dun. Here, too, it is not so relevant, in what order you continue. Zuldazar is suitable as a next area but a little better,

Drustvar and Vol dun are the “most difficult” areas, and on the first of the new levels of your equipment from the Legion scaled even better. Up to level 115, the effects of Legendaries are also active. Have you Drustvar/Vol’dun out of the way, you don’t have to do the hardest Quests in the end.
The Sturmsangtal and Nazmir are the most widely and sometimes require a lot of Grind to be completed. Here it makes the least difference whether you kill with a level 110 or 120 all – which is why they are the best for the end.
A flight over Drustvar,
Level 110 to 120 in more Detail
You will need to return on Your journey back to Boralus/Dazar’alor to do certain things or your items to get rid of. We give you an Overview of what you can do in each Level is best:
1, Level 110-113
The Quests for Drustvar/Vol dun done in this area. Oriented you to the Story that will appear in the quest log, and bypasses in addition to quests. Trying to complete the Story, if possible, step 113. Collect on the way rare enemies and crates, you will be displayed! You should collect at least 100 war resources.
Rare enemies are marked on the mini-map with stars, treasure boxes,
2. Level 113
Return to Boralus/Dazar’alor and built the first Outpost in Vol’dun/Drustvar, The war campaign in the areas of consists of a few Quest Hubs, which you do here. You will receive a decent boost of experience and items.
Attention! You hold you during this time in the enemy’s country! You play in war mode, it is likely that you’ll meet some enemies, even on higher tier! If you fear to be killed, turns off war mode.
You can now start the first missions to Your mission table. Let your companion go and collect the rewards whenever you are back in town.
The mission table of the Alliance.
3. Level 113-116
The last Quest in the old area done to complete the Story, or the next area Tiragardesund/Zuldazar. Done here, too, primarily the Quest for the Story and collect more chests hardworking, and kill rare enemies, if you do not detour,
4. Level 116
Built in the second Outpost, and completes the introduction to the island expeditions. In connection, you can begin the initial research for your war campaign. Chooses what you will, but let the research at an early stage to run.
5. Level 116-118
Completes the Story in the old area and head to the last area, Sturmsangtal/Nazmir. Done here, too, primarily the main-Quest, and collect special rewards.

6. Level 118
Built the last Outpost for the war campaign.
7. Level 118-120
The last few Quests you need for the success of “Kul Tourist”/”Zandalar forever!” done. The you on the path finder success prepares for faster riding (and possibly for future flight ability).
8. Level 120
The world will switch quests, by you still needed reputation farm for, if necessary. Done otherwise, the rest of the Quests for the achievements and launches in the Endgame Content!
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The war campaign – a prerequisite for world quests
The individual steps for the war campaign, we have incorporated in the Guide already for you. The time required for the war campaign is in comparison to the other areas is not optimal, saves you, but unnecessary Quests at level 120.
You must for the activation of the world quests to level 120 at least in all three enemy territories, an Outpost built. The war campaign should be concluded, therefore, on the way to level 120 so far.
If you want to divide the steps yourself, here are the individual stages of the war campaign:

Level 110: activation of the mission table
Step 112: the first Outpost
Step 114: the second Outpost and research options
Level 116: Island Expeditions
Level 118: a third party Outpost

At this table the war launches campaign of the Alliance.
Tips and Tricks
Some tips and Tricks to make you Level up easier and getting to level 120 is a little more pleasant:

Collects green and blue items to be scrapped – this will make your materials that you will need later get.
Uses legendary items up to level 115. Only level 116, they lose their effect. The best items are not created in the places of head, shoulder and chest are – here’s your early Azerit gain level armor with a higher Object.
Buy Remarkable Grenade. The gems increase the experience earned by 5% (unique-equipped). Best sockets of the stone in a legendary Ring because you will wear them for a long time.
Instances up to level 120 to avoid, because they take a long time and relatively little experience.
Manufacturing ignored professions up to level 120. Your professions can subsequently increase, Herbalism and mining give you a small advantage, because you receive through the removal experience.

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