World of Warcraft: BfA leveling tips and tricks

Battle for Azeroth is for many players a beta and not a finished game.
Anyone who has played in the last days in Battle for Azeroth active or even just the forums and social media followed with BfA leveling, know that most of revolves around a theme: bugs, exploits and other errors.

BfA leveling in WoW

Most of the errors, there is a WoW addon ever had
started the disaster with an exploit that allowed some players, world quests, an infinite number of times.

BfA leveling in WoW

So you were able to farms a lot of reputation and excellent rewards. Here you can push on an eye and say that it was targeted to exploit a small error.

Mythic+were unlocked -Dungeons. To the surprise of many players, many of the characters were on the US servers, strange rewards.

So you received the items with item level 415 or higher. Also essential absurd gems like “Shrine of storms +22” were not uncommon. Coping with the current equipment is impossible.

BfA Questlines in Dungeons

A world quest in the Dungeon Dazar’alor was also the frustration among the players. There was as a “Bonus” a little Extra Boss that was the target of the world quest. However, this Boss had – you can imagine – a grave error. He saw it that certain groups of enemies appeared in the double number. Read more about wow Battle of Dazar’alor in the best guide.

BfA Questlines in Dungeons

Instead of six enemies to defeat, there was now trash groups with twelve enemies. Depending on the difficulty of the Dungeons can be an absolute ordeal.

Many groups made the plan for BfA leveling, one of the two of the mow enemies down and die than to try the whole thing again. So “died” one piece at a time by the opponent groups.

BfA Warfronts with bugs

Then began in Europe the Warfronts. Players could sign up on the side of the Horde at the battle of Stromgarde if they belonged to the Horde. At least in theory.

In practice, the log, the player has ensured that the entire group finder has been laid up for almost four hours to a complete standstill. Not only war fronts could not be played, but the group search for a dungeon or island expeditions also did not work for many players. In the evening hours, the error was fixed.

BfA Warfronts with bugs

Unfortunately, you have to say it’s so hard: Many new features were unlocked in the weeks that are bugged. Hasty bug fixes to new problems.
Although Blizzard always pushes quite quickly to fix the problems with BfA, they don’t always.

One group tried a healer in PvP to balance, should reduce the mana regeneration of BfA healers. The result, however, was that healers had a negative Regeneration, and in the fight of alone mana lost. At low levels, the Mana was consumed almost immediately. Read more about how BFA Healer loses mana.

healer in PvP
Another group has nerfed a weapon massively, only to be a few hours later and again buffed. This absurd bugs without wild get even more consequences, such as a Mount, this is suddenly “forged war” to upgrade.
All of this does not fit “my” Blizzard. This is not the game manufacturer, has stood for quality and sophisticated systems. It is rushed, poorly tested, and the solutions to hastily.

WoW: Beta for BfA

In all of these errors and problems, it is hardly surprising that the players have already built some memes and the game unceremoniously renamed. Instead of “Battle for Azeroth” they call it “Beta for Azeroth”.
Hundreds of comments to collect and again and again is, ironically, the question of whether anyone knows when the Battle for Azeroth finally comes out of the Beta Phase. Others go even further, and WoW in its current state name a “paid Beta Server”.

WoW: Beta for BfA

Don’t get me wrong. Battle for Azeroth is beautiful. The landscapes are terrific, the Quests I find captivating, and the cinematics is fantastic. The Soundtrack is chasing me the chills. Visually, sonically and story-wise the game is a stunner. However, the gameplay mechanics are not able to keep up at the moment, because there are always new bugs pop up.
Hardly a new Feature is ready, it is bugged. The game is far from “unplayable” and most of the Bugs are promptly fixed, however, it tarnishes the image of a new, significant WoW expansion massively.

Battle for Azeroth would have needed more time

Already in the Beta, it was clear that Blizzard is enough time. After all, some classes such as Shadow Priest, the play style boring and soporific. Already during the Beta, the developers stated that you’ll address these problems with Patch 8.1.

It was not enough time to make a class fun, and now the day in and day out was also cut for other features of the fine.