Mythic+ Dungeons in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Battle for Azeroth got new features. In a message to the creators’ talk of World of Warcraft upcoming content and the first Mythic+.

Mythic+ Dungeons

Battle for Azeroth is the fastest-selling expansion of all time and Blizzard feeds the game soon with new content, the first season for the PvP in the Battle for Azeroth and for the Mythic keystone Dungeons. Learn more about Mythic+ Dungeons.

In Mythic+ instances for the players to be heavier always put challenges in retention and on the official ranking lists to compare. With a new patch 8.1 there were “seasonal affixes”.

Mythic+ Dungeons

The first seasonal Affix will be “Seized” based on the tainted residents of the raid Uldir. For the participation in the seasons, the key master and the key top of the Battle for Azeroth: season 1 was waving to you. There are even an eSports for Mythic+Dungeons.

The PvP season begins

With the upcoming PvP season can earn players “conquest points”, with which you get a weekly reward chest in your PvP Hauptquarier in Boralus, or Dazar’alor can open.

Also, if there was some criticism, the new PvP system with the war mode a lot of players for the first time into the PvP. Blizzard continues to work on this system, by using adjustments to the balance.

The PvP season begins

More new content coming soon the message, Blizzard also talks about some of which already well-known Features that are not implemented for Battle for Azeroth have been announced yet.

BfA Warfronts

In the BfA Warfronts, players of the Horde and the Alliance are fighting for the strategically important points in Azeroth. You will occupy for your group, and turn off special features like world bosses in each area for a few days.BfA Warfronts
The first war front is power guard, a PvE Event for 20 players in the Arathi Highlands. The Alliance is in control of Stromgarde first, the Horde will attack it.

Bfa Uldir Raid

Uldir is an ancient plant of the Titans, in the failed experiments of the old gods are housed. You will in Uldir to eight bosses, including Zul and the scary monster G’huun.

Additional Updates in work: In the future other allied peoples, such as the Zandalari trolls, and the people of Kul Tiras are also available. Check more info on this Uldir raid.Bfa Uldir Raid
You’re already hot on the upcoming changes? What are you most looking forward to? Or a very special feature are you still lacking? Write us a comment!