I don’t like about WoW: Battle for Azeroth profession

Do you like Battle for Azeroth?

Not everything in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth knows how to convince. We show a few aspects that need even more fine-tuning.
Even if the Battle for Azeroth in the case of the majority of WoW players will arrive wonderfully, there are still a few small points of criticism. I do not want you to list here are some aspects that work quite right, and Blizzard should be revised.

Archaeology profession Warcraft

My biggest Annoyance is the secondary profession of archaeology. The basic Features are, as in the previous Addons also available again. It also draws in the world, collects fragments to archaeological sites and turns them into items, hoping to get one of the rare toys. The works. All the Rest, but not.
Occasionally you will create (as before), the particular “flawless” versions of the relics. These can be laid out in the archaeology teacher in Boralus, and then re-watch, In theory.
Indeed, the house of the archeology-teacher is designed in such a way that it would any make sense. You placed the relics about right in the middle of bookshelves, so that they extend through the cabinets and chairs. Some things are simply placed in the air, where you then in the middle of the room float around.
Yes, the crate must be placed. Floating on the chair. Beautiful.
It seems as if the developers have changed the interior of the house at the last second again, and forget that players are here to place objects.

When digging up fragments in the archeology it is noticed me, but the mountain farmer has confirmed it for me also: Many of the resources spawn “in the ground” – so, at one point, one can’t click on them or reduce can.
In the case of the archaeology that was silly, especially in the Sturmsangtal, bfa profession changes

My last point of criticism, the treasures to find it in many places. The also have made a strange development. In the Legion you were to neglect already, but now they are a bad joke,

So, you find “treasures” that contain gray objects to the value of 10 Gold and four to 15 of the war resources. These treasures do not have such a low value that the detour is worth it usually.
I don’t expect treasures to reward excessively strong – but at least the word “treasure” should it be appropriate. Because they are just annoying dots on the Minimap.
But of course, this is all Complaining on a high level. Basically, I’m with Battle for Azeroth pretty satisfied. Bothers me, however, that some Details just seem all the applause is just “hanging”, according to the Motto: The one we had in the last Add-ons, we also need now – no matter.