WoW just trying to kill some bugs in BfA

Bugs in World of Warcraft, some players have items with item level 415. We are betrayed, because what went wrong. The had been presented, Blizzard different. An error in World of Warcraft saw to it that many players received this week the items in the area of item level 380 to 415 – and to do this without something in return.

What happened with Battle for Azeroth

What happened with Battle for Azeroth?

Those who had completed in the last week of the Legion a Mythical+, Dungeon that was opened to American servers a reward box. The reward was established, however, after the last Mythical+ – Dungeon you had to complete in the Legion! Who graduated about a Mythical +15-Dungeon, cashed in a reward, when he would have completed such a Dungeon in the Battle for Azeroth.

What is the result of bugs in BfA?

As a result, many of the players on the US servers now, the objects that lie between item level 360 and 415. Including weapons, which makes for a massive boost in performance. The players have received the rewards, you might not get actually.

What is the result in BfA

Items such as these, there was a lot of American players – to be wrong.
Fans are calling for the Rollback, Many players are calling for Blizzard, just that it should be taken to give a “Rollback”, so the weapons and items of equipment subsequently. It would be utterly unfair if players would now carry weapons with item level 400+.

The race for First Kills and the PvP of Battle for Azeroth would be ruined for weeks or months. Blizzard responds quickly: The developers have responded to the fault quickly, and the crate after a few hours of disabled. Who was not so fast enough, of not more gets this reward. Meanwhile, more and more players will receive a letter with the message that you have received by mistake the wrong prey. The loot is taken away from these players.
For Europe, this Bug comes too late. The incorrect reward is disabled box already.

BfA bug

What do you think of this thing? Is it right that Blizzard all the players take the items back? Or how would you solve the problem?