How to unlock WoW Dark Iron Dwarves racials

Dark iron dwarves are one of the new allied race in World of Warcraft. Shortly after the start of the Battle for Azeroth, some players have met the prerequisites for the activation. So the dark iron dwarves also unlock yours now in WoW.

Unlocking the race: The first step

How do you unlock dark iron dwarves? The dark iron dwarves, you can unlock by speaking with Moira Thaurissan in Stormwind.Unlocking the race: The first step

You must meet the following requirements:

  • Alliance character to level 120;
  • War campaign of the Alliance completed (with success, “Armed for war”);
  • Awesome reputation with BfA.

Recruitment Scenario

Moira will give you a quest, where you have a short scenario to complete. Dark iron dwarves are now playable in the scenario. The scenario has 6 sections.

Part 1 – Blackrock Depths

In Blackrock Depths, you will be guided around first, to see the Work the carryout, the dark iron dwarves at the moment to help. You will be shown the Black Anvill, at the heart of the forge of dark iron dwarves.
There you shall help to process Azerite. During the processing of the black rock is attacked, however, from the Goblins of the Venture, which ye shall distribute. It is, however, destroyed the Black anvil and the sacred blacksmith hammer iron enemy stole.Part 1 – Blackrock Depths

Part 2 – The MOTHERLODE!!: Ironfoe

Moira tells you that the attacker Mogul is Ratztunk, the last boss in the Dungeon. He has stolen iron enemy, and she sends you to him again.

You must complete the Dungeon with a regular iron enemy of the Mogul loot.. The difficulty of doing this, seems to play no role.

Part 3 – Molten Core

Returns the Hammer to Stormwind, where you told Moira that a piece of the Molten core is necessary to repair the anvil.Part 3 – Molten Core

Speak with her, and she sends you into an instanced version of the raid.
At the core of a tank is waiting for you with your enemies are eliminated and until the end of the raid. There Grezzrok is waiting for you, and you defeat the need to take the fragment of the core of you.

Part 4 – Forged in Fire an’ Flame

Returns again to Moira and give her the fragment. She tells you that the essence of Ragnaros is needed and sends you to the firelands. The fire has gathered a cult of the dark iron, Ragnaros wants to bring it back to land.
Eliminate the dwarves, and finally, their leader, chief judge Grimm’s stone, the Fragment of the core in Ragnaros‘ charge chamber.

Part 5 – Blackrock Depths Scenario

A mole machine takes you back to the Botscahft, where you speak with Moira. She sends you again in the Blackrock depths.
Speak with Moira to go directly to the Black anvil in Blackrock depths, where the anvil is being repaired. The last step is to repair the honor to leave for the sake of you.

Part 6 – Stormwind Embassy

In the message, you can turn in the quest and as a reward access to dark iron dwarves, as allied people and to the dark iron core hound as a mount. Are the Mag’har are also playable?

Yes, the Horde can be like for the appropriate conditions, the’har already free to play. The Alliance was with their requirements however, a little earlier, as people get a reputation gain a bonus of 10%.