WoW Discipline Priest PVP in Battle for Azeroth

A class terrorizes the PvP players currently in World of Warcraft. Anyone who sees a Discipline Priest prefers to take the legs in the hand!
Who dares to take a look in the PvP forums World of Warcraft or just a casual “What class is in PvP is strong?”

Discipline priests currently dominate the world PvP in the Battle for Azeroth and create it often, even multiple enemy players in a game of chess. Read all about Discipline Priest in the fullest Disc Priest Strategy guide.

What makes discipline priests so powerful?

Discipline priests have since their rework in the Legion is a strange role, because they are one of the last remaining “Hybrid classes”. You can cause damage and simultaneously heal and damage absorb, especially in PvP this is a problem.

What makes discipline priests so powerful

Because of “power word: shield”, which can be permanently cast. You should beat the shield, however, is cured by the priests through the damage caused by him. A well-played discipline priest in a duel never Mana problem. Maybe he can his opponent not to kill, but the opposing player can not definitely also.

Multiple players and Disc Priest

In Open-World PvP, but also in the fields of battle, it often happens that three, four or even five players are needed to kill a discipline priest in a timely manner. Because it is only when the priest is permanently stunned or Silenced, you have a Chance to win.
Community reacts with memes: After all, the players currently still humorous with the problem.┬áThe priest, however, reacts left and say: “If Blizzard fixes the shadow priest, we play the back, don’t worry”.

Multiple players and Disc Priest Because the shadow priest is not like many players at the moment.

No fun in the BfA

The biggest problem at the discipline priest is, at present, makes simply no fun to play against you. If you encounter an enemy discipline priest, many players otherwise they will lose a lot of time because solo you will not kill this priest, for sure.

Which classes bother you, especially in World PvP? Or share your opinion of the players, that discipline is just a little too steadfast in PvP?