WoW Honor System in Battle for Azeroth

Some WoW players have been deprived of the honor level at a later date. There was a warning. We reported that players of both factions of World of Warcraft on the dark coast. They gathered in two raid groups, and let each other kill. Thus, they received every few minutes an honor level and were thus able to ascend quickly through the ranks. Now, Blizzard has denied the players the honor.

Warning via Mail

Who has participated in such “honor-Farm-Runs”, where players could kill each other, has now received a letter from Blizzard. The player will be warned and informed that your honor level was subsequently withdrawn. For most players, the honor level has been reset to the value they had prior to this Farm-to-action.

Warning via Mail - aiononline-powerleveling

Honor way the reward remains the same: a Little odd, however, is that some players are reporting that the unlocked rewards, such as mounts, or toys that are still in your collection. Apparently, only the honor and the associated honor level was known, however, the rewards remain in the collection.
If this was overlooked by Blizzard easy or later the rewards will be withdrawn, is not yet known. A warning should only be a small penalty, and if Blizzard has considered as well that the error was in part for you.

What are Prestige and Honor?

In Battle for Azeroth, when a player participates in PvP activities, they earn the honor, allowing them to increase their honor level.

Unlike Legion, Honor talents aren’t locked anymore to your honor level. Now, instead, Honor talents are available starting at level 20, meaning you can use them while leveling with the new War Mode System. All honor talents are unlocked at level 110 and unlocked while you level.

After all, the new war mode, the system allowed for such massive farms of honor. What is your opinion on this matter? There should be tougher penalties, as even temporary or even a permanent ban from the game? Or Blizzard is to blame, that the system was so exploitable?