New WoW Expansions: there is a threat of failing BfA

Should directors of World of Warcraft be worry according to the last expansion? Fans think creators could improve the game significantly.
As Battle for Azeroth was announced almost a year ago, there was WoW community some concern. 

WoW communities view

As all know World of Warcraft changed with the latest expansion without new features. Battle for Azeroth will be a “conservative extension”
innovative ideas and features will be missing. Currently, it seems more likely that fewer changes have done WoW after Legion.

This opinion has been expressed in the players’ posts. One remark has collected quickly more than 5000 upvotes, so a lot of approval.
Also, they wrote that fewer changes to the classes in BfA.

Many players have no understanding why Blizzard with each new expansion wants to invent the classes. For instance, Legion required three significant updates until the classes were all in a stable state.

WoW communities view

BfA Addons

Are there changes with every addon? With the Battle for Azeroth, a lot of skills have disappeared, mainly due to the elimination of artifact weapons. These holes are too large and it will not fill by the new Azerit skills hardly.
The result is classes like the Elemental Shaman, or Shadow Priests are boring to play because essential components are missing.
The players fear that Blizzard now requires three Patches to make all the classes interesting – only to revise it in the next addon and then complete it again.

BfA Addons

New BfA features find a little favor

Many of the new features of the Battle for Azeroth seem immature or not thoroughly thought out. That’s why it’s hailing straight criticism of many players.

For example, Island Expeditions without rewards has been felt like a colossal fail. Moreover, the rewards stay often, and for many, it is only mandatory to get the weekly bonus. Expeditions have no fun at the pure game of the Island, after a few weeks of bugging.

New BfA features find a little favor

AFK in Warfronts

At that time the Warfronts to harvest more criticism than praise. This was not only due to the sudden increase in the requirements but also to the less dynamic style of play. Many players are during the battles were in AFK, thus extending the work of active players. For equipment with an item level of 340. What is other content (like heroic or mythic Dungeons) unnecessary work beckons?

WoW outcry of the players

With the Battle for Azeroth started the outcry of the players. Many wish that Blizzard would have focused on the things that already work in Legion well, instead of new features that are now an opaque network.
More and more yearn for the “simpler systems”, like something farm points (as before honor, conquest, or new for Dungeons) to go with you to a dealer and your desired item to buy.

The requirement of WoW Community for the Blizzard

The requirement for the Blizzard is explicit: Stop for the moment and look at what has made it fun and easy to understand. Bring back what works.
Cortyn says: Just from a battered Shadow Priestess, I can understand the reasoning entirely and voice. I would give a lot for it when my shadow priest would play precisely like in Legion. Now it is merely dull.
What is your opinion on this topic? Blizzard should make some changes and Battle for Azeroth “is more like the Legion to be”? Or are you already on the right path and you have to get used to the new features?