So gather up your Expulsom in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

A new resource is in hot demand in World of Warcraft. We will tell you how to get to the valuable Expulsom.
With the new expansion, Battle for Azeroth, a lot of players in World of want Warcraft the craft occupations. But the most valuable items to the boot need a special resource that some players have problems: Expulsom. In this little Mini-Guide, we tell you how to get to the coveted Expulsom.
Guide – Expulsom farms in the WoW: Battle for Azeroth
The craft material Expulsom there are mainly from one source: equipment. Regardless of whether green, blue or epic quality, each equippable Item from Battle for Azeroth may grant Expulsom.
The scrap-O-MATIC creates Expulsom. If you find during your journey items, then don’t throw them out or sell them. Instead, it brings you to the scrap-O-MATIC in Boralus, or Dazar’Alor. There you can scrap the items “wasted”. This brings you different crafting materials. Depending on what you throw in the machine, you will receive different materials. Cloth armor gives about materials, while plate armor ores.
All items have a Chance to grant in addition Expulsom! You can also disassemble self-manufactured goods.
How do I find the Scrapper? The scrap-O-MATIC, or “Scrapper” is easy to find, He is the craftsmen of your respective capital. If you need a precise marker, speak to a guard and asks for the professional teacher of the art of engineering. The Scrapper only a Stand.
Higher item level, higher Chance? It is still too early to give reliable Figures, what items grant the most frequently or rarely Expulsom, Currently it looks like a higher item level have a greater Chance to grant when Disassembling Expulsom. As to throw in doubt, but anyway all the items in the scrap-O-MATIC, it makes no difference.
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Alchemists have a Bonus Chance. Alchemists can also be a little more Expulsom, because you have the ability to “TRANS-mutate Expulsom:”. For this you need to:

10x Akundas bite
10x winter kiss
3x anchor herb

This creates 5 Expulsom, but can only be used once per day,
Expulsom is bound to the soul. But caution: Expulsom is bound to the soul. You can only use!
We hope that you will now have no more problems in the procurement of Expulsom. Just use all the green and blue items you find, and it should not be a lack of Expulsom.
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