Why are female dwarves and night elves so rarely played?

Female dwarves like elves, no one and night-druids are all the rage. What are the combinations in World of Warcraft are popular, reveal why we are here.
In World of Warcraft players have perhaps the largest selection in the customization of your character, but there are many different combinations of class, race and gender.

Combination of BfA classes

A total of 236 different combinations are not possible if you follow the Allied races. Night elves-druids is the most popular combination. If you consider that night elf druid, still a novelty in the culture of the Kal’are dorei, it might be surprising that female night elven druids.

Combination of BfA classes

Tightly they are followed by the human male paladins, who are represented by a total of 899.446 characters. Also, Tauren is much more popular than her appearance leads one to think.

3rd place male Tauren-druid with 864,804 characters
The first female blood elf is the way to 7th place. 643,488 players have elves, a blood-Paladin created and spread so that the light in Azeroth.Otherwise the dwarves

Female Draenei is coming even a little later. On space 9, the “Space-goat”, with its female shamans. Still 552.122 characters.

Basically, people are just extremely popular. All possible combinations of the people on the first 100 seats.

Otherwise the dwarves

Especially dwarven ladies are extremely unpopular, and the form of light. The courts 234 – 236 respectively to female dwarves as a death knight, mage, and monk. Only 14,053 characters as a female dwarf monk.

So if you want to be particularly “exclusive”, you should think about a dwarf.
Please bear in mind that it is the data for the US Server of World of Warcraft. Also, the new allied Nations, not heretofore recorded from RealmPop.

The full list with the distribution of all 236 combinations can be found in our sources.
What class/race combination you play in World of Warcraft and what is your gender?