WoW Baa’l Guide: How to get Baa’l in Battle for Azeroth

The first secret pet Baa’l in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, has been solved. We’ll tell you how this scary pet gets a goat from hell. Actually, the WoW community thought that a puzzle was in Battle for Azeroth on the trail, that leads to a new riding animal. But they were wrong. After days of search has now been decrypted the first riddle, the one with the secret Pet Baa’l was rewarded. We tell you step-by-step, how this creepy pet gets.

What is Secret Demonic Goat Battle Pet Baa’l?

Baa’l is an adorable Magic battle pet, with a unique demonic goat model. Baa’l was determined pretty early on during the Battle for Azeroth Alpha and was heavily hunted during the Battle for Azeroth Alpha and Beta. While not being found during the Alpha and Beta cycle, it was found within a few weeks of Battle for Azeroth’s launch!

The Hunt for Pebbles

  • The first Clue was hidden with Nazmir
  • The second – Broken Shore
  • The third item – Hook Point, Boralus
  • Second Pebble – Atal’dazar, Zuldazar.
  • The third pebble – Gol Osigr, Drustvar
  • The fourth pebble – Tortaka Refuge, Vol’dun
  • The fifth pebble – The Great Sea, Stormsong Valley
  • The sixth pebble – The South Seas, Nazm
  • The seventh pebble – Proudmoore Keep, Boralus
  • The eighth pebble – Western Watch, Drustvar
  • The ninth pebble – Kennings Lodge, Tiragarde Sound
  • The tenth pebble – Waterfall Cave, Tiragarde Sound
  • The eleventh pebble – Seaweed Cave, Boralus
  • The last pebble – Fatigue Cave, off the coast of Vol’dun

The Hunt for Pebbles

How to get WoW Baa’l Pet?

To be able to guide effectively the consequences, you need an addon, you the coordinates on the map. We recommend, for example, the addon MapCoords.

The following steps must be performed in the correct order listed here.

Step 1: Nazmir

The journey begins in Nazmir in the great temple in the center. At the very top of the citadel the first note. You have to up to the citadel (over the bridge) and then to the edge of the coordinate 51 / 59. Here is the small piece of paper, your clicking have to but be careful! You can easily slip and fall down.

Step 2: Ravaged Coast

Travel to the Orc, Drak’thul, to the Ravaged coast on the Ravaged Islands (the age Content of a Legion). At coordinates 37 / 71 on a stone table. This multiple small stones. One of them is brighter than the other. Click on the stone, to meet this step. Sometimes the Orc blocked the table, then you have to wait for a little.Step 2: Ravaged Coast

Step 3: Boralus

Then you must be in the Alliance city of Boralus. At the coordinates 49 / 40 the entrance is behind some networks (you can pass through easily) to a secret cave. At the end of the cave is another stone that you have to click on.

Step 4: Atal’Dazar

The next step leads to Atal’dazar in Zuldazar. You don’t have to enter the non-instanced version (in the Dungeon). Riding around the right to the portal and go to the spot shown in this Video, and click on the stone.

Step 4: Atal’Dazar

Step 5: Drustvar

The next stone is in Drustvar behind a waterfall in Gol Osgir. Climb on the mountain of Aroms Wakes up to the waterfall at coordinates 36 / 53. A level jump from there down. There you will find a hidden cave, the stone is in the “eye” of an idol, which stands there. Click on him again.

Step 5: Drustvar

Step 6: Vol’dun

Next up is Vol’dun. Fly to the refuge of Tortaka and jumps down. Searches the tree at coordinates 63 / 21. On the tree, you can find a hidden cave. But Attention! In the cave is an extremely strong opponent who kills you with one hit if you get too close.Step 6: Vol’dun
How do you like Baa’l, and these puzzles? A damn cool thing? Or too complicated?