BfA Grinding in World of Warcraft

We wanted to know if you feel the Grinding in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, and you responded. Once again, our readership is split.
After the first players in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth had reached the maximum level of 120, began the journey to the Endgame Content.

As for WoW, there is a lot to do. Artifact of power must be collected, equipment farmed and preparations for raids to be made.

Grinding in Battle for Azeroth

Our Community is in the majority of the Grind is okay. However, in the official forums displeasure was quickly wide. Many players felt the Battle for Azeroth as a grind-heavy.

Grinding in Battle for Azeroth
We had created a survey to find out how our readers see it. Here are the results.

38% (almost two fifths) of our readers are of the opinion that World of Warcraft currently, to much Grind prevails. Especially the the artifact power is called, which turns around Azerit skills.

With 54% more than half of the players, however, is of the opinion that the Grind in World of Warcraft perfectly fine. Who wants to get something, to work something in.

You don’t want to have all the rewards already on day 1, and only when you work for something, then it has a certain value.
8% of our readers are not able to understand all the fuss anyway. In your opinion, there is too little Grind in the Battle for Azeroth, and you would like to have even more opportunities to farm more things, or to grind.

Voices from the Community

Voices from the Community

The split in opinion is also reflected in the comments.  Here are some extracts from the opinions of our readers:

Damian: “I think what bothers me the most is the Grind in WoW, extremely, are the continuous repetitions. There is a greater variety of world quests, changing Dungeons, etc.”

TJ: “honestly? Who wants to raiden Progress, must expect and should prepare for that. Who is only a Casual on-the-go, don’t need everything at once to Maximum, and can take it calmly. It all fits in.”

The result is consistent with the setting in your circle of friends? Or opinion in your Guild is unanimous and not at all in our survey reflected?