Uldir Raid Guide: WoW Mythic Uldir in Battle for Azeroth

With a new raid Uldir inWorld of Warcraft we will show you where you are on the best with gear. With our tips, you will be sure that your equipment is on the best possible.

Uldir Raid Overview

The best gear for Uldir through Dungeons – the best variant you pick a group! Siege of Boralus is looking for the same armor free equipment on or off by Heart of Azeroth, equipment, strengths. Produce boost before the raid Mythic+ and Warfront equipment enchant.

Uldir Raid Overview

In order for you will not be overwhelmed in Uldir of the new bosses, you should equip yourselves accordingly. Once you are level 120, you can make you get new equipment. Your different ways. In the Battle for Azeroth, you can travel up to 10 Dungeons, where your gear can get.

  • In normal Dungeons, loot drops with an item level 310+
  • In heroic Dungeons, loot drops with an item level 325+
  • In mythical Dungeons, loot drops with Ilvl 340+

If the only equipment you need to improve the courts, look at the best short in the adventure guide. Here you can see what loot the bosses drop, and search for it. For the fullest recognizing check out BfA Uldir guide.

BfA Uldir leveling

The Dungeons will be much easier if you associate with 4 friends and the Dungeons together top informed about. So you can also promote the subject-a prerequisite for Heroic Dungeons (305+) directly into the instance, instead of having to search for a random instance.

You can also visit directly the Mythic Dungeons. With a minimum item level of 300 you can the mythical instances with a group, played well to defeat. If you already have something, better-equipped friends, you are even starting at 290 or less feasible.

BfA Uldir leveling

If you want to get effective equipment, you should plan your groups accordingly. Pack as many of the classes, the parts of armor and weapon class. Also, learn Uldir Heroic in Battle for Azeroth.

Heart of Azeroth strengths

Through Dungeons and World quests will also get you Azerite armor with a level of up to 340. Azerite armor may not, however, be in receipt of stronger, their level is fixed and can only be obtained by increasing Heart of Azeroth improved.

So you are also from the Azerite armor brings out the most of it, you have to so is also the heart of Azeroth to take care of.

BfA equipment by reputation
If you’re new to level 120, can also facilitate the dealer in your group. Start with high value items. You will receive with a rising reputation level steadily better rewards:

  • Benevolent: Level 320
  • Respectful: Level 335
  • Awesome: Level 350

The reputation of you can also when Leveling land. Specifically, on the call to play, we do not recommend, however. The time that you need, is used with the other variants better.

Auction house and production

Finally, there is the possibility that you buy equipment or simply making. The auction house is your world, finds prey with step 350, which will be offered for quite a lot of gold, but usually a big improvement. Read more about Auction house in Battle for Azeroth.

Craftsmen can also recover equipment and weapons. Your objects with a level 300, or with a bit of luck, can even 310 manufacture and trade. Engineers can manufacture glasses with the stage 340, inscription watchers of the dark moon card sets with step 355, for many of the classes particularly well.

If you’ve already defeated some of the mythical Dungeons, you’ll also get hydro seeds – one per Final boss. With 15 hydro seeds (less for the engineer’s glasses) you can 2 pieces of equipment of level 355 that is bound when picked up.

Boost the Raid: Mythic+ and Warfronts

Along with Uldir, the mythical keystone Dungeons and BFA Warfronts. If you want to upgrade your equipment before Uldir again with a particular part, attended the new features.

If you are in a war, wins the front, waving to you armor with item level 370. With a little luck, this will be upgraded even to level 400, which is not possible, as soon as the mythic Raid is available. The group, which controls the Warfront, also has access to a world boss. The Alliance is in control of the first war front current guard first.

In Mythic+ Dungeons, you can get from +2 rewards with a level of 345. If your +10 masters, rising to 370 in the instance and 380 in the weekly box. In any case, you mythical keystone can offer Dungeons before Uldir again to upgrade.