WoW Kul Tiras and Zandalar locations unlock

In WoW, Battle for Azeroth, there are many points that you can not “just so”. We will show you how to get the new WoW flight paths on Zandalar and Kul Tiras.

BfA Kul Tiras and Zandalar

With the current expansion Battle for Azeroth, the events in World of Warcraft is divided for the first time into two continents. However, players of the Horde and Alliance can be found on the respective continent to the other group, to build the camp. But not all flight routes can be easily unlocked via the usual “Ride-and-Click”. We tell you how you can get more flight points. Read more about Kul Tiras Kingdom and learn how to get this one.

Additional flight points in the enemy country

War campaign is as an entry. To begin, you need to drive your war campaign. Already during the level phase, at the latest, on 120 you should be the free-flight switch take points in attack.

You can unlock the basic bases, which will grant you access to the continent of the enemy.

Reputation is necessary

More flight points to unlock, you have to earn your reputation with your respective faction War. Once your wool has a wealthy reputation with the faction, you can buy your scout reports for war resources. This will unlock a mission on the mission table on your ship.

The completion of this mission grants the character a quest in the enemy’s territory to travel. Only with the quest in the of luggage, you can then put the new vertices.

To be Respectful of your other scouts can buy reports and repeat the process.
Neutral flight points manually to unlock. The neutral flight points (the gold symbols) you must, as usual, to go by foot or mount to unlock. This is mostly to post the Tortollaner or other neutral forces, such as Hemet Nessingwary.

Upgrades for outposts

Some of the exterior items can be accessed more upgrade, such as a special mount, with the start.Upgrades for outposts

Account-wide unlock

The Unlock of the new Outpost is account-wide! If you have played the missions on your main character and have completed, can the characters in your Second, you also immediately assume. Re-Buy the scouting reports is no longer necessary.

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Kul tiras kingdom

Where are you playing the most? Most of the time you’re on the continent your faction? Or you hang around in enemy territory?