WoW new races in Battle for Azeroth

More and more players are likely to switch to the new allied races in World of Warcraft. For them, there is now good news: The tradition of armor it used to be.

The latest allied races in the Battle for Azeroth by the dark iron dwarves for the Alliance and Mag’har Orcs for the Horde. Along with the new races, players can also unlock cosmetic items.

Feature in the Battle for Azeroth

Tradition arms for Allied Nations from level 110. One of the special contents for the Allied races armor, the tradition. This “heritage armor” reflects the origin of the peoples of visually and can be changed for the people’s transmog.

How to get the armor?

To get them, had to player dwarves the dark iron and the Like to play’har to level 120 without the Boost. Heirlooms are allowed. For the other races, like space elves, or night-born stage 110.
Characters to level 110 to get the success for the release. A note in the official hotfix, it was not so far.

How to get the armor

The players were mad

Why is Blizzard not has determined the level down adjust, is not yet clear. In the forums had complained, however, some of the players.

There were a few posts where players have criticised the fact that dark iron dwarves and Mag have to play’har for your armor up to level 120, while other allied Nations would have to only level up to level 110, which would be much faster. You want faster get the armor? So you level faster from level 1-110. If you are also the suits of armor to earn, and the new mounts in your collection want to shoot, you have to dwarves, the dark iron and Mag switch’har Orcs, first of all, free.

Legion and success, “Armed for war”. The dark iron dwarves in the Detail when you learn in our message. Mag’har Orcs: the Mag’har Orcs, you also need success, “Armed for war” and an awesome reputation – however, at the Eidgebundenen. The Details can be found in our contribution.