WoW Heart of Azeroth Levels Guide in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

With the Battle for Azeroth WoW players have actual access to a new artifact, the Heart of Azeroth. We explain to you, how do you get it, how you appreciate it and what you can do with this. WoW Heart of Azeroth, the new core pieces of equipment in the Battle for Azeroth. It accompanies you through the addon, and power up your Azerite armor. 

Heart of Azeroth Quest

So you get the heart of Azeroth. Can you beat the Azerite armor?
The first quest you will get to the heart of Azeroth. The Heart of Azeroth, the quest reward for the first quest in the new Battle for Azeroth. You get it from Magni Bronzebeard after completing the quest “The heart of Azeroth” in Silithus.

What are the requirements?

You must play the scenario “Battle of Lordaeron” before you are summoned by the leader of your group, and Magni even after Silithus.
The battle of Lordaeron will take roughly a half hour for Horde and Alliance.What are the requirements You can skip the scenario, but if you have played it with a character of the same faction already.

The Alliance can accept the scenario in the case of captain Angelica, or skip, the Horde at Isabella.
How do I get the heart? According to the scenario you are called by Magni to Silithus. You will find the speaker of Azeroth directly to Sargeras‘ sword, to the big scar. Talk to him and you will be guided through a short series of quests, in which you can get to the heart of Azeroth itself, as well as the first upgrade and your first Azerite armor. Your Magni in Silithus, with a Portal to Uldir, it goes faster.

Where can you get Azerite?

Azerite is a resource that will get you through all kinds of activities in the Battle for Azeroth. Already on Your way to level 120, you will stumble on a few Quests that provide you with Azerite or you can find chests in the rare enemies and Prey.
Island-expeditions, Dungeons, Raids, PvP and some world-reward will bring you Azerite. You can do so in a targeted farm or simply on the side collect. Azerite is added to the heart directly, you must not use items in the inventory.
Some of the world quests give Artfaktmacht like this, with a reward of 249 Azerite. As increases the item level? The heart of Azeroth starts with an item level of 280, Where can you get Azerite With increasing level, the item level of the heart of Azeroth is bigger. In addition, you can get in certain intervals of Magni Bronzebeard, a Quest.
When you ascend in the group “Champions of Azeroth” in the reputation, you can at Magni when you Reach a new Rank, one more Quest to complete. This increases the item level of your heart for a further 15 item level.

Azerite armor – the armor to the Heart of Azeroth. Azerite is parts of your equipment, the strength of which is directly influenced by the heart of Azeroth. You can get it for the equipment Slots for head, shoulder and chest.

Where can I get Azerite armor?

  • The first part of your Azerite armor you get from Magni after the first Quest of the Battle for Azeroth. All the other parts you can get from a variety of sources, such as quests, world quests, or Dungeons.
    Azerite is equipped with your primary value and granted some talents that you can choose. The first ring adds to Your character in the rule, a similar Talent, as it did to the Legion of the legendary items.
  • The second Ring gives you an ability that makes your role more. The second to last ring will provide you with a defensive Talent, and the last Ring increases the item level.Where can I get Azerite armor

How do you unlock talents?

A Talent in an Azerite armor unlock, you need to select him only in his view. Shift-right-click on the object and the possible choices for the armor,
The possible selection of talents is different if you are in different specializations. Even in the same role, you can select only specific talents. A deception-rogue can select any Assassin talents.
A deception-rogue can only select talents for his specialization.