WoW the hivemind mount guide: How to get hivemind BfA

The fans of World of Warcraft suffered a hard blow. What you have been looking for, is not even in the game. Since the Release of Battle for Azeroth the players from the “Secret Mount” – discord research for hidden game content of World of Warcraft. The first great mystery of the pet Baa’l was solved.

WoW the hivemind mount

BfA Hivemind  Mount

Actually, the players had thought that the notes on the riding animal the Hivemind mount. Now a developer has made it clear, however: The hive mind is not even in the game. The players thought this would be a secret mount.

What is wow hivemind was? This riding animal of the description was unique because it was able to connect with other riding animals. If several players had a hive mind, then they could ride together. Each additional player increased the riding speed by 10%. The larger the group, the faster the riding animal.
The Model was just a “Place Holder”. The hive mind had in the game data during the Beta, the appearance of a floating brain, as you know from the boss Yogg-Saron. For most of the puzzles in the game, has now made it clear that the hive mind was just a placeholder, and the idea was discarded. It could be taken up at a later date.

The reaction of WoW fans

Community disappointed. The mystery community is disappointed by this revelation. The hive mind was regarded as a “great price” would be in the Battle for Azeroth for the most difficult of all puzzles. At least the players had seen them so. That this mount does not exist now, has caused some resentment. The mystery community is not giving up. Because there are still many more riddles in the Battle for Azeroth, which are not solved.