WoW Horde and Alliance changes in Battle for Azeroth

With the Battle for Azeroth will change a lot in WoW. Especially the point of view of the Horde and the Alliance should move. With Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, the factions of the Horde and Alliance are moved more into the focus of the game action.

At the end of the extension, both sides are more clearly defined and to recognize their points of view clearly. While the Horde varies between two extremes, must awaken the Alliance of passivity.

Alliance vs Horde as usual

The narrative Producer Steve Danuser and Ely Cannon Lead Artist of World of Warcraft talked about the theme of the factions and their development.

The Horde is split between honor and cruelty: The Horde was split in the run-up. On the one hand, there are more “evil” members, such as the Forsaken. They are out for conquest and try to zoom in on your people โ€“ at any price. You’re not afraid of the disease or mass destruction. Every means is right for the target. Discover new Horde empire.

On the other hand, the more honor-driven characters exist, such as Orcs or Tauren. You like opportunities not dishonorable behavior and cruel, as she plans to Sylvanas.

Both sides have always existed in the Horde. The developers “want to show, where both positions have their place in the Horde” โ€“ which is more than a homogeneous mixture. The individual Nations have drastically different views.
The Alliance must choose a path: The Alliance has taken in the past of World of Warcraft is always the role of the reactive side.Alliance vs Horde as usual

Horde acts and Alliance reacts

Now, after the fire of Teldrassil, you must consider the Alliance what it wants to do. She slips once more into passivity? Would the elves of the homeless night at all? Or the Alliance is trying to consolidate its position as the controlling party in Azeroth? Maybe the Alliance, which was otherwise always calm and collected, seeks, for the first Time on revenge.
A world without fractions, it is conceivable? On the question of whether World of Warcraft, even without the factions would work, one is rather skeptical.Horde acts and Alliance reacts Many players identify with their side, have fought over a decade for Horde or Alliance. This identification, you can’t just take โ€“ and that would not work from the point of view of the story.