WoW news: Horde and Alliance War

After the Alliance was expelled from Boralus, is planning a counter-attack by air attack. A funny story from the war mode from World of Warcraft.
In the war mode from World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth PvP is on the agenda. Again and again, it comes to small skirmishes in world quests, or whole raid groups, the bounce in the cities to each other.

So it happened the other day in war mode, in the city of Boralus. The Horde had gathered, and with a raid on the outskirts of the city is captured. However, the Alliance gathered for a counter-attack. Read more about BfA new patch 8.2.

Why could glide all the players?

The entire Raid was equipped with Goblin gliders, which can produce engineers. These provide a solid replacement, to fly into Kul Tiras and Zandalar. With the gliders, long distances can be overcome, if one finds a high jumping-off point.

Why could glide all the players

Horde was surprised of helpless

The victory secure Horde was visibly surprised and was learning from the raining down Alliance reamed. Just 60 seconds later, no Horde was more in Boralus and the Alliance was able to celebrate their successful air strike.

Cooler without flying mounts

A couple of players swarming that such actions are not only so cool, because flying on Kul Tiras and Boralus is still possible. Otherwise, you would be able to fly attackers and defenders into the city or to flee, what would have made the whole action is only half as interesting.

Now the war mode ensures that players will have many great memories of your PvP experience and there are many situations in which you will think in a few years back,
What was your funniest action that you have experienced so far in the war mode from World of Warcraft?