Battle for Azeroth’s Island Expeditions with some improvements – coming soon

Island Expeditions in the World of Warcraft

The Game Director plans to make some improvements

The Game Director Ion HazzikostasIn answered the questions of the Community in an AMA (“Ask me anything”). A significant theme of the island expeditions, which can only a little of what was promised. The rewards have already been fixed, you now drop more frequently. However, other aspects still harvest a lot of criticism. Learn our the fullest Island Expeditions guide.

The research is missing in the Island Expeditions

The Island Expeditions was presented to players as a way to explore foreign islands and obtaining experience.

However, this is hardly possible because of the time-pressure. After all, it is an enemy force on the island. You must continuously run from one objective to the next in a hurry.

For real, missing research is merely the time. If you do not want to condemn your group to fail. You should know Ion Hazzikostas noted:
“We’ve heard feedback that the pace of Expeditions, in general, feels too frenetic, and the “gogogo” race to gather Azerite detracts from any ability to really explore your environment or fully process the events that are unfolding.

The research is missing in the Island Expeditions - aiononline-powerleveling

Ultimately, the Horde vs. Alliance theming of Expeditions, in particular, requires that competitive feel, which we know isn’t for everyoneю. But we’d love to explore applying the underlying tech upon which Expeditions built to other settings that don’t have that same pacing.”

No exact time window:

This is not a firm commitment. But it sounds as if you wanted to pick up on content in which exploration and random events occur, even later once more.
Whether it will be in the Battle for Azeroth or only of a coming enlargement of the case. However, there is pure speculation at this time.

The future of the Island Expeditions

More contents are planned for Island Expeditions to appear in the upcoming Patches.

The future of the Island Expeditions - aiononline-powerleveling

It will not only give new Islands, but also new events and mechanics that can occur. The author did not give more details.
How would you like the Island Expeditions with more freedom and less time pressure? How could the look at all, so it will still be exciting if the race was missing?