WoW Island Expeditions rewards in BfA

The island expeditions in World of Warcraft is fun, but many players find it not worth it. This has several reasons. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, the island of expeditions is one of the main features.

WoW Island Expeditions rewards

For many players, however, they are just a pretty accessory, because apart from a little artifact makes you not give a lot. The other rewards are too rare. So rare that many WoW Fans don’t even know that they can get something.

What are the rewards in Island Expeditions?

In addition to the Azerite as an artifact of power, and the sailor’s doubloons, there are numerous other rewards that it can give at the end of Island Expedition. Check the fullest Island Expeditions Guide in Battle for Azeroth.

Whether you get them is random. Some of the rewards include:

  • 5 new mounts;
  • 22 different Pets;
  • 8 toys;
  • Over 50 different weapon models;
  • Several quest items for reputation and artifact power.

What are the rewards in Island ExpeditionsThe drop rate is extremely low

The players are very frustrated. Again and again there are reports of players who “have completed more than 40 expeditions” and not a single special reward. Blizzard had at least hinted about Jeremy “Muffinus” Feasel, that the drop chance has been increased in the island expeditions.

Previously, players were not able to confirm this, however, and continue to be unhappy. So for about a certain number of expeditions have a higher chance of something special.

WoW player says: Even if I have fun on the island-expeditions and always funny situations occur, is the rate of the low drop but slowly frustrating.

Also, I have now received some 30 expeditions behind me, and only a single quest item that earned me 500 artifact of power – a very sober yield.
What are the rewards you already have from the island expeditions? Do you have more luck? Or did you not know yet that there are these rewards?