Island Expeditions Guide in Battle for Azeroth

BfA rewards in Island Expeditions

We are pleased to inform the players’ request has been answered. The rewards of Island Expeditions in World of Warcraft will finally be improved. We would like to tell you how exactly.

The players not have complained that the Island Expeditions are worthwhile since the release Battle for Azeroth.
Much too rarely, there is the promise of rewards in the form of toys, pets, mounts, or transmog weapons. But that should change soon.

BfA rewards in Island Expeditions

What is changed?

Blizzard will increase the drop chance for unique items at the end of an Island Expedition “substantial”.  Read more details about BfA Island Expeditions

How high the chance will be is not sure yet. In clear this means, that you should get at the end of an Expedition significantly more often the following items:

  • Quest Items;
  • Pets;
  • Mounts;
  • Toys;
  • Transmog Items;

What is changed

So, try to soar new heights to admire this benefits.

Communities desire of BfA Island Expeditions

Blizzard changes the drop behavior at the end of the expeditions because a lot of players had complained. So, numerous characters have completed 50 or more expeditions and none at all of the unique items only. This is likely to change with the hotfix drastically.

Cortyn says: I welcome the changes, as I always like to items collection, and my pet collection complete. However, I do not think that the “mass” of the players is satisfied with it. For a proper game to use, apart from the substantial amount of artifact of power, not have island expeditions.
You will be looking more often now in the Island Expeditions? Or you will not entice these cosmetic rewards? It would take more than a higher drop rate for the expeditions to be exciting?