WoW Island Expeditions in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

The Island Expeditions by World of Warcraft have a special gimmick. Thus, they are particularly simple and at the same time, particularly rewards.

The island expeditions are one of the major features of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Through it, players can not only obtain numerous pets and toys but also relatively large amounts of artifact power in little time.
In addition, every week there’s a big bonus in BFA.

BFA Island Expeditions rewards

Why are the expeditions? Each week a different dealer with a different offer on the “spawn point” (on the ship) of the expeditions. This time it is for 3 sailors doubloons the remote control of the Siege engine (Alliance) or the remote control for Horde. These siege machines can you control instead of your own character.
What you should consider: The siege machines have 300.000 points, suffer but a lot of damage.

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BFA Island Expeditions rewards

Special mechanics for BfA

Used primarily the ability to “boulders spin”, which causes all of 2 seconds almost 20,000 damage that area of effect. Once per minute you can also “death rain” to activate, which makes the 150,000 damage to all enemies in the area.

With these two skills all the enemies and NPCs of the other faction, you can quickly be overcome. You have two death rain, you can turn off the enemy NPCs even in the mythical mode alone with these attacks.

Special mechanics for BfA

Where to get sailor doubloons? Sailors doubloons, there are often as a reward for completing an island expedition. Usually, you get between one and ten, which is based on chance. They can occasionally be found also on the Islands. They serve no use, except for the island-to make expeditions easier. You can so to heart’s content spend!

Now is the perfect time to take a few expeditions on the hero to complete and the mythical difficulty level to get the rewards,
Do you have a couple of island expeditions? How do you like them?