WoW War campaign in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

The war in World of Warcraft will never end in favor of a group. Why this is so, we have asked in our interview with a WoW employee.

We had the opportunity to speak with some developers of World of Warcraft and barrage of questions.

Interview with WoW  Game Producer

We asked Michael Bybee, one of the Senior Game Producer: Is it possible that a faction in World of Warcraft tear for a longer period of time, the control and the other side suppressed?

Interview with WoW Producer

Try “first of all we have to do that, what is the Story we want to tell, to make the most sense. This is a superior factor above all else. Moments like Teldrassil, what felt bad for the Alliance or Lordaeron, in what felt bad for the Horde – this is a much larger Story-a goal we are pursuing. And we have some great things are soon to come.” Read more about the storyline of the Horde Empire.

Fans have already been a lot of speculation, what is this “bigger story could be the target”. So, some fans suspect that Sylvanas gets a “Redemption” story and, similar to Kerrigan in StarCraft 2, at the end of a necessary heroine is to a greater Evil. Then Bybee, however, was more specific and explained that the Horde and the Alliance would prevail on the other side.

I don’t think we would be a group deliberately have more control or power over the other group – at least not for a long time. Because that would be a little bit of the takeaway, I think that it is the “heart” of World of Warcraft.

BfA narrative technical

If you interpret the statements a little, is World of Warcraft in a narrative dead-end.

BfA narrative technical

In a world dominated by war, there must be sooner or later one side, at least temporarily, as the winner, because otherwise the story and is predictable.
One of the few Alternatives is that a third player faction to show up, such as the Naga under Azshara, which weakens the Alliance and the Horde at the same time. That would give the conflict a new impetus to move without the balance of power between the Horde and the Alliance. More about the Alliance Kingdom in BfA.

Horde and Alliance will probably remain permanently in conflict – the rule of the one side or the other seems to be excluded.