WoW: Lorewalker – A dream job for Story Nerds at Blizzard

Blizzard has a very special Job, the only real Story-Nerds. These are the tasks of the “Lorewalker” for World of Warcraft.
World of Warcraft has gotten over the years, a fairly complex Lore, After all, there are around 14 years of MMORPGs, and for many years to the original strategy title. More than 20 novels, 10 comics come in series, and a movie. Not to mention the special cases, like Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.
Even if not all of it is considered “Canon”, so the valid version of the Lore, which is extremely a lot of fuel to keep the Overview,
This is exactly why Blizzard has a dedicated Team of 3 specialists: The Lorewalker.
In an Interview with Gameinformer, Sean Copeland voice of the Blizzard about the Job of the “Lorewalkers”, and what difficulties you have in everyday life.
Feeling like a historian. The Team of the Lorewalker describes work similar to that of a historian. So there are in the headquarters of Blizzard is a library with all the works and records, there are around Warcraft, Regularly all works must be ransacked, to also the smallest Information to write down.
Requests of the developers. If new Quests are developed, then the Team gets frequent requests. There was a similar Quest? The Story follows in connection with the world of sense? Is contrary to any aspect of the Quest with the existing Lore?
Lore-seminars for Blizzard. Particularly entertaining is likely to be the fact that the Lorewalker regularly organise small seminars on the history of Warcraft, to the Knowledge of the employees to refresh or to make certain Details to the attention.
Pronunciation of the Fantasy languages. Sometimes the Lorewalker get particularly strange requests. Because in your records is also noted, such as Fantasy languages are spoken within the World of Warcraft. So a developer wanted to know during “Wrath of the Lich King”, as the following words are stressed:
“Ak’agthshi ma uhnish, ak’uq shg’cul vwahuhn” – which would later become the battle cry of a servant of the Old gods.
Errors can be prevented. The Lorewalker worth going again and again. Because the developers had developed for Cataclysm, such as the fight against Sinestra, a black dragon lady. The players should get the help of a red dragon, and the developers chose for the dragon Krasus – only to hear from the Lorewalkern that had already died in one of the books.
Community as a reference instance. Warcraft has quite a fanatical Community, in which some players know every aspect of the game world in and out. This is also the scale that Blizzard is aiming for. Because small errors would be discovered by the passionate Fans immediately and would lead to embarrassing moments. So about a few years ago, as the “Red Shirt Guy” is not Blizzard’s attention to the fact that the dwarf Falstad wasn’t dead. This had been approved by the developers by mistake.
Falstad, together with the “facts checker” – a tribute to the Red Shirt Guy.
Retcons are a last resort. Sometimes, though, that Blizzard have to rewrite existing Lore, because they would talk in some Places otherwise. These “Retcons” are usually the last resort if everything else works. To avoid this in the future, have been published in the last few years, the “Warcraft Chronicles”. These tell a coherent story of the whole Warcraft universe and are the guide for everything that is yet to come.
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A Job as a “Lorewalker at Blizzard would be” a dream job for you? Or is it already a bit too nerdy?