BfA Healer Lose Mana Instead of Regenerating

A new error in World of Warcraft, the healer despair. Instead of regenerating Mana in combat, you lose it automatically. In the case of Blizzard, the Chaos of the weeks are currently broken out, because in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, a Hotfix after the next for problems.

Actually, the developers of a healer in PvP just a little bit to weaken wanted to, but now they are barely playable. You automatically lose Mana instead of regenerating it. Also, read who is the best healer in WoW: Discipline Priest guide for BFA.

What had Blizzard planned?

With a Hotfix, Blizzard wanted to reduce the mana regen of all healers in PvP situations to 30%. So you will regenerate less mana and less healing. About the Changes in this Hotfix we have reported in this article.
What is the impact? In fact, the Hotfix seems tobe a bug in the code crept in.

What had Blizzard planned with healer

While healers report to level 120, your mana regeneration is really low, the “Low-Level” differently. In the battle-fields of the “small” characters, this is now a negative mana regeneration. This makes for absurd numbers such as “-6253% Mana-Regeneration”.

The result of bug

When a PvP battle begins, losing a healer to automatically Mana. To particularly low levels (1-40) is gone, the Mana directly at the start of the fight, what makes classes useless.

The result of bug

Community is indignant

Especially on Reddit, the players let out their frustration. There it is called Battle for Azeroth because of all the errors “the worst expansion of all time”. A couple of players to appease. Such errors can happen, and when they are gone in a few hours, but not so bad. It is assumed that Blizzard will have fixed the bug in a few hours.