WoW Mag’har Orc Unlock in Battle for Azeroth

WoW Mag’har Orcs are the new Allied race of the Horde in World of Warcraft. The first players have unlocked the new race in the Battle for Azeroth already.

How to unlock Mag’har Orc in WoW?

The requirements to unlock Orcs, you need to speak with Eitrigg in Orgrimmar. You need to:

  • Horde character to level 120;
  • Completed a war campaign of the Horde (with the success of “Armed for war”);
  • Exalted WoW reputation.

After you have accepted the Quest Eitrigg, you have to play a short scenario.How to unlock Mag'har Orc in WoW

Unlocking Mag’har Orc overview

Mag’har Orcs are now playable in the scenario. To start recruiting, you must talk to your Eitrigg in the Embassy of Orgrimmar.

Part 1 – Establishing Footholds

Sylvanas refers you to the new allied race, the born of the night, who are specialists in the teleportation. You speak with Oculeth, the tells you, however, that this is a time of magic and refers you to the bronze Dragonflight.

Your travels in the caverns of time and then speak with Anachronos. This explains to you that you to restore some of the points need to be in the past of the splitter. You are playing again the opening of the Dark portal in Draenor, the hearing Garrosh’s war crimes and the siege of Orgrimmar. You will need to defeat the Echo of Garrosh.

Part 2 –  The First Assault

After the Splitter is now charged to return her to Oculeth. This sends you along with the Splitter to Draenor, where you can, Mag’har captured and brought to boss Geya’rah will.

This tests whether Eitrigg is a true Orc, by of him, the story of three clans tells. After Eitrigg has passed the test, Grommasch Hellscream, who is committed to you and sent to you together with Geya’rah on a mission.
You shall find out why the Ogre, Kor’gall is suddenly against the Mag’har and thus prove that you are not spies of the Draenei. You defeated Kor’gall.The First Assault

Part 3 – The Marshal’s Grave

The light-bound Draenei who believe fanatically in the light and the religion impose on the Orcs. Some even follow them voluntarily, the Mag’har are fighting back, however.

Now you must several outposts of the Mag’har against the attacking Draenei defend, and one of their exarchs off. After Exarch Orelis is done, return to Grommash, only to be again of the Draenei attacked.

Part 4 – Death of a Tidesage

The victims of Grommash Hellscream, you can together with Geya’rah and the other May escape’har and returns to the Embassy of Orgrimmar.
Here are the Mag’har in the Horde, swear your loyalty and you will gain access to new allied race, and your riding pet.