WoW Professions guide in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Longer you play new patch BfA, the more also the negative aspects, which can not be inspiring. In World of WarcraftbBattle for Azeroth 8.1, not the other way. Even if I have a lot of fun at the extension, I am bothered by one thing: the professions.

Best professions in BfA

It is great and useful, and that profession and their abilities are now sorted according to different addons. This ensures a clear view and a clear structure. At the same time, it is helpful to be able to produced items simply in the scrap again, destroy in order to obtain some resources. Read WoW BfA best professions guide.

But their recipes are a failure. You feel “empty”, you have the typical Warcraft charm that has made them in the past, great lack, even if the playful use of better equipment was low. Yes, there are the usual things such as gems, buff food and enchants are useful. But that’s about it. Useless recipes, even for fresh characters to level 120.
My character was a tailor, and so I was hoping to be able to me directly to Level 120, new equipment, in order to have at least a solid start in the endgame.

Best professions in BfA
The necessary materials for Items with an item level of 300 (solid entry-level armor level 120) one get namely, mainly by disassembling rare items, there are world quests.

The end of the song was, to me, the world quests, which I completed to collect the materials, granted better equipment, than the profession of a tailor could do it. So I came in better Items, but the tailoring was not necessary to it.

WoW Professions of the soul is missing in the Battle for Azeroth

What concerns me almost more than the absence of really useful items, the lack of “fun items”, which have filled occupations previously always fun to bother.

All of this is only in a greatly slimmed-down form or missing completely, or it seems unloving. So, engineers can create, for example, an expensive wardrobe, with which you briefly on the transmogrification. Learn more about Engineering.

WoW Professions of the soul is missing in the Battle for Azeroth

But what’s the Use of the met in a world in which a variety of players already in a mount, which serves the same purpose (and even more)?

It is my hope, therefore, that it will be in Patch 8.2, a major the crafting professions with more items. Because even if the crafted armor is the second – to third class, the fun items is an important part for me.

What is your opinion of the professions in the Battle for Azeroth? Are you satisfied with the craft, or rather disappointed?