WoW Secret Puzzle Mounts items in BfA

The puzzle mounts in World of Warcraft have a little fun with the game. Most of the instructions can be found in data mining. Is this really still fun?

I love the puzzle WoW mounts of World of Warcraft. From the first secret around Kosumoth about the long-forgotten Hippogryph to the latest mystery of the creepy pet Baa’l. But in the meantime, the puzzles in WoW have lost their charm. Because it is not more logical thinking and combining of notes, but data mining and the reading of game data. Read more about wow mounts in BFA new patch.

Search for the Pebble Item in World of Warcraft

Particularly absurd in search of the many small Pebbles that were in the Battle for Azeroth, for the Baa’l was necessary. To solve it, you had to actually thirteen small stones clicking on it, which are distributed everywhere in the world. The stones are only a few pixels in size, it is to accidentally discover. Try to get The Hivemind secret mount.Search for the Pebble Item in World of Warcraft

To find the stone by chance is virtually impossible?

And it is precisely here that data mining comes into play. The exact process is quite technical, but simply put, the mystery of the Baa’l was dissolved.

Now it is looked at regularly in the cache file from WoW. This contains all the data objects that have been recently loaded in the game world, for example, because it was near you.

As soon as the ID shows up in the cache file, you know that the character is in the correct environment to find the object.

As a result, the exact location of the Pebble is not yet known, but it has been a rough idea, in which a radius of 100 meters you have to look. The search for the inputs to the hidden caves is, in turn, cool and interesting. The are small, in the world of hidden things, at least there’s a chance that your
data mining eats the charm and immersion. Of course, data mining is an acceptable solution, to master the puzzles and the walkthrough, the Blizzard has considered – otherwise the Hide of small Pebbles cannot explain.To find the stone by chance is virtually impossible

The hidden cave entrances are still acceptable

However, the puzzles lose their charm. It is only rarely, therefore, to decipher clues and logical answer to combine. A large part of the mystery is solved by the “Outgame”-mechanics. And that bothers me massively. It no longer feels like the puzzles were part of the game world, but something that goes beyond that, and prompted me to, out of the Immersion out of it to break and me technically the game data to look at.

I think the puzzles would be a cool idea, but you remove more and more of what makes Warcraft for me: A consistent game world with great mysteries within the game.
How do you see the whole thing? You will find it good if the puzzles to run on multiple “levels”?